King King – 20 Questions

Following their incredibly successful tour opening for the mighty John Mayall late last year, this inventive and authentic group featuring our old friend Wayne on drums have increased their following to the extent that they can now headline at major venues. We offered the whole band a chance to respond to one of our tailored question sets with the following illuminating result…

Alan Nimmo (vocals/guitar)

  • Best rock’n’roll swagger recording NOT by the Rolling Stones ( artist / track /album source)

My best rock n roll swagger album has to be “Sonic Temple” by “The Cult”! I always loved what they did on their first album “rain” then they went a bit more rock with “electric” but when they released “Sonic Temple” they totally nailed it! Superb riffs and so many catchy chorus lines!

  • Tell me about the song ‘Waking Up’

‘Waking Up!’ It’s basically a song I wrote about having a personal and almost spiritual awakening and realising that life is much better and more productive and useful when you’re not wasting it doing stupid things! Realising that there is more to you than you sometimes believe! And that it’s easy to lose your way in life but finding your way back can be so much better for you!

  • Any favoured stage guitars?

My favourite guitar is my trusty wine Red Gibson Les Paul! I’ve had it since I was 15 and she will be with me forever! Thank you Mum!

  • Is there a song that both you and your Mum or Dad really like? Or liked?

My Mum loves any song I’ve ever written and there are many songs we both love as she was, along with my brother responsible for getting in to blues and classic rock! But to name one… I’d say it was… Steve Marroit’s “Black Coffee”.

  • Where are you planning to tour next?

 Right now we’re enjoying the summer festival season and we get to spend a lot of time in some beautiful places! After the summer we have another extensive UK tour coming up in the Autumn!

Bonus Question: What’s your favourite track on ‘Reaching For the Light’ and why?

My favourite track on “Reaching For The Light” that’s a tough one.. I love all of them! “Rush Hour” is one that stands out to me because I wrote part of the lyrics when I was a teenager and it’s nice to see an idea that I had so many years ago come together so well!

Lindsay Coulson (bass) 

  • What basses do you prefer to take out to gigs? What strings do you generally use?

I generally take out a couple of Musicman Stingrays with me on tour. My black 3 eq, early 2000’s model with fitted hipshot drop tuner is my go to workhorse for the road. I leave all the old vintage stuff for the studio. String wise I use DR Lo Beams 45-105 for live stuff. For the studio I may also use Thomastik Infeld Jazz Bass strings or GHS precision flats depending on the song.

  • Where in the world in your opinion is live music best received? What venues appeal?

I hear Japan is pretty up for it but we haven’t had the pleasure yet. The Canadians are pretty mental, very enthusiastic crowds there when we toured a couple of years ago. And the French are always good appreciative audiences. Having said all that, nothing could have prepared us for the response we received on the last UK tour, something has really changed for us over the last year and although it’s great to be playing bigger venues, it was a sold out intimate night on that tour at The Band On The Wall in Manchester that will stay in my memory, I didn’t think there were going to let us off the stage!

  • Your favourite song or instrumental (any genre) with the title including the word 1/ ‘One’, 2/ ‘Five’ and ‘Seven’? Explain your choices

One) ‘One Night’ – Elvis Presley. The amazing voice, lazy guitar hook, Elvis performing it on the 68 comeback special in black leather. What’s there not to like?

Five) ‘Five Long Years’ Buddy Guy’s version of the Eddie Boyd Classic. Nobody can sing a blues like Buddy; you can feel the pain and despair in his vocal performance. I remember in the early ’90’s seeing him perform the song on several shows with his amazing band at the time featuring Scott Holt on Guitar, Greg Rzab on Bass and Killer Allison on Drums. In that period no one could touch him.

Seven) ‘Seven Years’ – Norah Jones. This songs takes me back to May 2004, the album ‘Come Away with Me’ was often playing in my parents’ house that month with the sun streaming in through the open patio doors. My Father was dying, we had all come to terms with it and remarkably it was actually a beautiful time.

  • Can you dance? Do you dance? How do your family rate your dancing?

I put the lino away and gave up the break dancing years ago. I never dance, unless for comic effect.

  • Have any of the band ever worn something that’s made you laugh?

I tried a kilt for a while, a dark blue denim number. I thought it might be quite cool but I just looked like I was wearing a school girls skirt ……that was pretty laughable.

Bonus Question: What’s your favourite track on ‘Reaching For the Light’ and why?

‘Take a Look’ – The way the parts are always moving and intertwining alongside a heartfelt lyric make this epic my personal favourite on the album.

Wayne Proctor (Drums/Percussion)

  • Three tips for a novice drummer, please

Play, play and play some more, play with as many musicians and learn from all them, getting that experience early on serves you so well later on in you career.

Learn your fundamental rudiments and learn to read, the better your hands are in shape the better you can manipulate your sound for different playing situations, you don’t want to be a one trick pony…if you can read fluently as well the world is your oyster…

If possible learn another musical skill, don’t just see it from a drummers perspective, a bit of piano, bass or guitar will change how you approach music.. I choose to follow my heart and get my production and studio engineering skills together…so when you’re playing drums you are much more aware of the affect it has on the song, how the microphones capture you and how that effects the final mix…if you can play for the song, with a great sound and a great feel you will always work.

  • What was the first gig you ever went to and where was it?

My first proper gig was Status Quo at Sheffield City Hall when I was 9 years old on the ‘In the Army Now’ tour. I had been to pub gigs before that but that was my first major venue gig.

  • Name a piece of music that makes you laugh (intentionally or otherwise)

‘Do the Neurotic’ by Genesis, it was song left off ‘Invisible Touch’ it’s an instrumental, goes through a tonne of musical changes and it brings a huge smile to my face every time I hear it.. Phil Collins just nails it, the band sound killer… I can’t help but laugh at the genius of the band at the point. Pure brilliance.

  • How much did supporting John Mayall on his UK tour help/change King King?

A huge amount from a public perception and we certainly grew as a band in terms of playing those big stages every night.. It made us truly realise which songs really translate to those size audiences. And standing ovations every night does wonders for your confidence. 😉

  • What’s your favourite film soundtrack and why?

Crossroads, the film with Steve Vai and the ‘The Karate Kid’ Ralph Machhio. I was actually a guitarist before I was a drummer and my first influence was Eric Clapton so finding this film about the Robert Johnson story with a guitar prodigy was pretty cool.. The sound track features Ry Cooder and he just plays beautifully through out.

 Bonus Question: What’s your favourite track on ‘Reaching For the Light’ and why?

 To be confirmed!

Bob Fridezma (Keyboards)

  • Pick two or three songs with great actual endings (not fades) by The Who or The Beatles? Or both acts!

– ‘Lady Madonna’ – Beatles; I love the piano part in it, and the ending just rocks.

– ‘Let It Be’ – Beatles; because it’s Billy Preston on organ, my favorite Hammond player. His solo work is amazing and putting him with the Beatles was a brilliant move (George Harrison’s idea I believe).

– ‘A Day In the Life’ – Beatles; have you heard it, the ending is absolutely epic! Back when they recorded it, it was epic and it still is. The piano chord just sounds magnificent.

  • Is there a book or novel that you would like to create songs or the score for? Why is this?

Well lately I’ve been mostly reading autobiographies of musicians, so the soundtrack is sort of covered haha. It’s very cool to read the stories behind certain songs or albums – it gives the songs more meaning, and the feeling you get to know somebody better.

  • What is your aim when performing as a band?

Lots of things; we wanna entertain the people that are there, get the songs across as best we can, enjoy the emotion of a song whether it is upbeat or more dark, and basically create an experience for both the audience and us.

  • What music would you run across the room to turn up if it came on the radio? (Artist /title ) – and what to turn OFF?

Depends on my mood – I’d definitely jump up if the Traveling Wilbury’s were on, ’cause you never hear them and it’s a shame, but I’d probably do the same for: D’angelo, SRV, and definitely Janis Joplin, the queen 🙂

  • Nominate a favourite live album?  Which cuts should we make a point of hearing?

Well the Allman Brothers – live at the Filmore East is a classic and the first one that comes to mind. I love the track ‘You Don’t Love Me’ for the energy, the nice little twist on the standard 12 bar and the brilliant improv at the end.

Secondly is Dr. John’s ‘Trippin Live’ – the track ‘such a night’ is just magic. His piano playing gets me excited and mesmerized at the same time, and on this track it’s very impressive: the groove, the technique and the genius of thinking of it.

Bonus Question: What’s your favourite track on ‘Reaching For the Light’ and why?

For me it’s ‘Stranger To Love’ – it’s the perfect synergy of everybody’s parts on this track that give it a unique and solid groove. And I love my Hammond part in it haha. The whole song just works for me, it’s an emotional ride, or experience. When the middle 8 kicks in, and ends, I’m really excited. Love that song.

Pete Sargeant

King King’s new album ‘Reaching For the Light’ is out now on Manhaton Records. In addition, King King will be touring extensively in the UK this Autumn at the following venues:

Wednesday 21st October – Brewhouse, Burton Upon Trent

Thursday 22nd October – The Apex, Bury St Edmunds

Friday 23rd October –  Public Halls, Harpenden

Saturday 24th October – The Wharf, Tavistock

Sunday 25th October – The Copper Rooms, Coventry

Tuesday 27th October – The Old Fire Station, Carlisle

Thursday 29th October – Picturedrome, Holmfirth 

Friday 30th October- The Grand, Clitheroe

Saturday 31st October- Rothes Hall, Glenrothes

Sunday 1st November- Fibbers, York

Tuesday 3rd November- Real Time Live, Chesterfield

Wednesday 4th November- Fruit, Hull

Friday 6th November- Cheese and Grain, Frome

Saturday 7th November- Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham

Wednesday 11th November- 02 Islington Academy, London

Thursday 12th November- Artrix, Bromsgrove

Friday 13th November- Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

Saturday 14th November- The Platform, Morecambe

Sunday 15th November- Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

Tickets available from or 0844 478 0898.

For more information visit: 

(Many thanks to all of King King for taking the time to take part in the 20 Questions series, Alan Robinson of Manhaton Records, Kieran White, Glenn Sargeant for question contribution and both Peter Noble and Asher Alexander at Noble PR for making this possible and for their continued support)