Jared James Nichols

Jared James Nichols – Casting Spells

On his first visit the the UK, Jared gave us some great responses to a set of customised questions. To welcome him back, on tour and with his new Black Magic album pending we offered the guitar whirlwind a second set of questions - do enjoy his entertaining answers:
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Two Ways Home

Two Ways Home

Two Ways Home are an Alt-Country duo made up of Isabella Mariee and Lewis Fowler. Having recently released their brand new EP 'Closet Stranger', the pair sat down with Pete for one of his special customised question sets. Here are the responses:
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Alex Francis

Alex Francis

Singer-songwriter Alex Francis is certainly going places. He is currently performing at several UK festivals and has recently released his debut EP 'These Words'. He very kindly sat down with JLTT to discuss his hometown, working with Melanie C and the first gig he went to. Enjoy...
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Mollie Marriott

Mollie Marriott – Back In Action

As Mollie gears up for a return to live performances and delivering a fresh set of material, the singer-songwriter daughter of The Small Faces and Humble Pie star Steve speaks to us about events and the future. To say that Miss Marriott is down to earth would be a great understatement…indeed our last encounter was in a field in Oxfordshire! Seems a good conversation starter…..
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Doyle Bramhall II – A Wealth of Experience

Bramhall is a Texas-born guitar player, singer, producer, songwriter, bandleader perhaps best known for his contributions to tours by the likes of Roger Waters and Eric Clapton.
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Club Drive – Pop Voyage!

Club Drive - Pop Voyage!  The pop music world is a harsh mistress at the moment especially for the new up and coming acts. With the surge of nineties/early noughties  groups reuniting and certain pop megastars (who shall remain nameless) dominating the top twenty...

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KT Tunstall – A Kindred Spirit

KT Tunstall - A Kindred Spirit  Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist KT Tunstall is an extremely busy woman. She has just released her new studio album 'KIN', she's been touring Europe with Simple Minds and she will be embarking on her own headline UK Tour in May...

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Frankie Oliver – Telling Me His Story

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Frankie Oliver has returned to the world of music after a hiatus with his new studio album 'Here I Am' on Good Deeds Music. Frankie very kindly sat down with JLTT in the lead up to its June release and we spoke about new material, influences, the city of London and much more. So grab a drink, sit back and enjoy... read more

Mick McConnell – Music In The Veins

Whilst holding the guitar slot in international touring pop-rock band Smokie, Mick McConnell has a neat line in roots music styling and original songs and a solo album Under My Skin coming out to showcase this side of his work. He meets our man in London to explain all over lunch… read more

Quinn Sullivan – Driving Forward

Glenn and Quinn met at Buddy Guy’s London show last Summer – here they catch up and talk about the young guitar star’s forthcoming Mascot label album release Midnight Highway. The record covers a lot of styles and moods, enjoy his conversation about it… read more

Orfila – Hittin’ The Ground Running

Orfila - Hittin' The Ground Running  Three children from the same Kent family take a liking to country influenced music and form an ensemble. Ahead of their Country 2 Country Festival appearance we had the chance to run a few questions past the trio and can present...

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Sari Schorr – Back On Our Shores

With the soul blues whirlwind returning to the UK for live dates with her excellent band, we were glad of the chance to supplement the original interview piece with some fresh questions. Enjoy Sari's responses and check whether she is performing anywhere near your hometown: read more

Catherine McGrath – One Bright Star

Over the past five years the genre of country music has surged in popularity in the UK due to a number of factors. Firstly, the legendary broadcaster Bob Harris and his family have always championed new talent in the genre with both his radio programmes and his Under The Apple Tree brand which is going from strength to strength providing coverage to the under the radar acts. read more

Mark Sullivan – Making His Mark

When we heard Mark's latest single which blends musical skill with a warm message, we rather suspected that he had been influenced by some of music's finest... one way to find out - we sounded him out with a set of questions. Enjoy his responses below and watch out for his live performances. Many thanks Mr Sullivan... read more

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