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From Martial Arts to music? It rarely happens, yet we are currently working on articles for two artists who have made this move! Here we run some questions past Ali Jacko and he tells all…thanks Ali and good luck with your future shows ​

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Please tell us about your song I Found Love. When you write songs, what’s the process? Do you use guitar, piano maybe?

The song was written with my girlfriend who is now my wife in mind. It’s basically the story of how I got her to say ‘I do’. I actually wrote the song with a producer. We wrote the melody and the lyrics together and then he produced the track. I am currently learning to play the guitar but don’t play piano. I would like to learn that too someday!


I know nothing about Kickboxing, except that it’s handy if somebody picks on you! What five qualities does a successful kickboxer use and to what extent did you have to work to attain them?

Many people mistake kickboxing to be a violent activity when in fact it requires the same discipline as any other sport. It keeps your mind and body sharp, keeps you fit and keeps you healthy. I have found fellow kickboxers to be very humble. Fighting makes me much more aware of my surroundings.


As a musician now, what is the Ali Jacko Road Diet?

I am quite lucky to be honest! I can eat anything, however I still like to eat as healthily a possible. I eat a lot of fruit, veg and chicken. Although I am currently in the process of converting to vegetarianism. I love animals and can’t see myself eating them anymore!


What are your personal memories of meeting the great Muhammad Ali?

I will never forget the time I was play fighting with Muhammad Ali and he picked me up! I thought he was going to punch me so I thought I’d better get the first punch in. He froze for a moment and then put his hand on my head. I got shivers down my spine. He changed so many peoples lives just for being who he is! May he rest in peace.


What song – by any artist – puts you in mind of the coast and maybe holidays

There are many songs for that. One jumps to my head by Leonard Cohen “In My Secret Life”.


Releasing a monthly single is ambitious! Who came up with this idea? 

I have made and recorded over 40 songs, tried approaching record companies etc, I figured waiting around is not going to help. I am just going to do something that have never been done before and see how many heads I can turn until I am taken seriously so decided I would do an 11 month long campaign, 11 songs in 11 months with 11 videos. I just wanted to do something a bit different.

Has any of your music been used on TV or in films? If so, which song(s)

Yes, one of my songs ‘Army of Angels’ has been selected for a Netflix pilot called ‘Jack Stall’ . I also have a few songs which are going to be featured in very high profile Bollywood movies. These will be released at some point in August.


Which is your most lively song? And what inspired it?

All my songs are very personal to me, but if I had to choose one it would be “You Are The Reason”. This song was inspired by my love for my daughters.

Name an album by any artist that you can listen to all the way through?

Legend by Bob Marley and Off the Wall and Bad by Michael Jackson.


Which artist turned you into a fan when you saw him/her/they perform? This has happened to me many times…

To be honest I am a fan, of legends, live Bob Marley, Elvis, Mohammed Rafi and Mukesh. I got to festivals and events but I have most recently become a fan of Jack Savoretti.


What do you try to AVOID doing on stage?

I try not to do crazy stuff and trip over. My performance style luckily doesn’t require me to do anything that might result in me falling over or injuring myself!

Do you have a favourite song by Enrique Iglesias?  – If so, which ones?


One of my favourite Enrique Iglesias songs is ‘Hero’ Definitely a romantic classic!


To what extent does the news / current events affect or trigger your songwriting?

I am made for all weather, and I work and perform better when I am under pressure. Great thing about what I do, is I always try to have fun and I end up achieving more, and I get to make songs or at least find an idea when I am under the hammer etc.


Who would be your ideal female duet partner?


All of them, just bring them on! Lauryn Hill would be my first choice though!


Which film has the best opening music and why do you go for this choice?

Brave Heart and The Bodyguard. Both of this film for me, the music and the soundtracks have been something that you will come to know they is get under your skin. I love them both all time favourites.


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(Thanks to Ali, Cat and Rachel for all of their help with this article)

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Ali Jacko will release one song each month from March to November 2018 following the February release of the first single ‘I Found Love’ which you can watch the video for in this article.

The next track is ‘What If I Loved You Like That’ and it is released on Saturday 31st March 2018.

For more information visit Ali Jacko’s official website here:

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