The Tom Brown Band

From all meeting at Guildford’s famouse ACM two years ago to then winning a live performance competition, the Tom Browne Band have gone from strength to strength. We caught up with them ahead of their performance on the 21st October at the Finsbury for our BLOGTOBER Gig and got to know this emerging country blues band from Surrey a little better.

Alex Mackworth-Praed

Kiera Browne


How did The Tom Browne Band come about? How and where did you all meet?

We all met at ACM in Guildford about 2 years ago. Tom and I wanted to start up a band as I was very country influenced and he was very blues influenced. But we needed a drummer and a bassist so we asked Josh and our original bassist (Tom) if they wanted to join? And there the name was formed! Josh and I both have the surnames Brown/Browne and our other two members were called Tom so we called ourselves The Tom Browne Band! Our original bassist had to leave the band unfortunately but it wasn’t all doom and gloom as Leon joined and he really fitted into our style great!


Could you please tell me about your track ‘Grey’?

I wrote ‘Grey’ a couple of years back when I had just started at ACM. It’s more of a rockier country song and many people have compared my voice in that song to Janis Joplin which is a huge compliment! I wrote the song about a past relationship (as a lot of country songs are!) and it didn’t go too well… the relationship that is! The song is about how this relationship had made the town I was living in really dull and grey! It was just a sad place to be living in because everything in the town just reminded me of him!


Do you have any favoured stage guitars?

Well the guitar I normally always use is my Faith electro-acoustic guitar as its got a nice deep sound to it but its now covered in blood… don’t worry nothing too bad but unfortunately I sliced my finger open when I was rocking out too hard at a gig and blood spewed everywhere! Kind of a cool souvenir I suppose! I’m trying to save up and get a Taylor electro-acoustic next because Taylors are just heaven in a musical instrument!


What was the first gig you attended? Where was it and how old were you?

Is it really bad that I really cannot remember?! God this isn’t good! I can tell you my favourite gig to date?? I saw Carrie Underwood headlining this year at the Country2Country music festival at the O2 and oh my god I screamed like a little girl! She was absolutely incredible and definitely my favourite gig yet!    

Tom Wells


What was the first live show The Tom Browne Band played?

We played our first live show I believe at Bar Thirteen in Guildford (and went on to win the Battle of the Bands competition they ran). Then we went on to play several other gigs further afield like Watford and London including the Fiddlers Elbow in London.


Tom Jones, Tom Waits or Thom Yorke?

Thom Yorke for me. Would love to see Radiohead live and there are some songs like ‘Creep’ that are just so well written.


What guitar strings do you use?

Ernie Ball super slinky 10’s. Bog standard but cant beat them in my opinion.


Could you please tell me about your track ‘Mr Oklahoma’?

It’s a real blend of Country, Rock and Blues which was awesome to record. Playing with all the different parts, we had to get the right mix of each. It’s definitely darker than some of our other stuff but that gives it a slight sinister edge and I really like that. One of my favourite songs to play live too!

Josh Brown


What is the live music scene like in Guildford, Surrey?

It’s a good live scene for young people as there is often live music and there are lots of opportunities for young musicians to play.


Could you please tell me about your track ‘Regardless’?

‘Regardless’ is one of our more bluesy tracks which has some catchy melodies that most people get stuck in their heads! I wrote the song about an awkward situation between my best friend and I and the message embedded in the song is to show the value of forgiveness.


How long have you been playing drums for?

I have been playing drums for 10 years starting in year 7.


The Tom Browne Band will be performing at Just Listen To This’s Blogtober evening on Friday 21st October. How would you describe the band’s sound?

We are an entertaining Country Blues rock band with catchy melodies and soulful harmonies.

Leon Wayland


Do you have a favourite bassline in a song?

Yeah probably ‘Another one bites the dust’ by Queen! That has a great bassline!


When will The Tom Browne Band’s new EP be released?

It should be coming out around late November 2016 so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that!


What are the band’s musical influences?

I would probably say Chris Young and Miranda Lamberts styles influence our music the most.


Are there any plans to tour your new material?

Not in 2016 but we have plans to announce in 2017.


Glenn Sargeant

The Tom Browne Band will be playing for us alongside Hollie Stephenson and Dave Hanson at the Finsbury, London on the 21st October 2016. To get tickets for this CLICK HERE – Alternatively you can catch them on Friday 7th October at The Islington at their single release show. To see what else they have going on, visit their Facebook page Here