Mike & The Mechanics Release New Music Video.

It is for the track ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’.

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It features on Mike Rutherford, Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar’s new album ‘Let Me Fly’, which was released in April 2017 via BMG.

The new video features footage shot in the studio, along with live video and backstage clips.

Rutherford says: “Sometimes you finish an album and without realising it, there is a slight theme to it and The Best Is Yet To Come has that – a positive note. “Tim sings with a great energy on it. It’s nice having songs that are positive rather than doom, gloom and melancholy.”

Speaking previously about the follow-up to 2011’s The Road, Rutherford reported: “For me, it’s about proving I can write a good song, but the older you get, the less you let yourself off with ‘it’s not bad’, the less you pretend and the tougher you are on yourself. “The hardest part of the whole process is staying relevant, but anyone who says success doesn’t matter is a liar – what you really want is people to like it.

“Then you feel it’s all been worth it. It’s as simple as that. Oh, and my wife loves it, more than she’s loved an album of mine for a while! Trust me, that’s a really good sign.”

“This new single by Mike & The Mechanics is a vibrant and bouncy track that would not be out of place on a romantic comedy soundtrack as the two lead characters try to start again. Tim Howar’s vocals are clear and soar like a majestic bird as the European sounding production flows with keyboards and percussion. A poppy earworm for sure.” – Glenn Sargeant Just Listen To This 

You can watch the official music video for ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ in this article.

Glenn Sargeant

Mike & The Mechanics new studio album ‘Let Me Fly’ is out now on BMG.

For more information visit the band’s official website here: http://bit.ly/2qEkeUr

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