Sam Way Confirms New Single Release

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Vulnerable, intimate and emotional, just three words to describe Sam Way’s first musical offering of 2018. His new single ‘You and All Your Things’ is set to be released on Friday 23rd February 2018.

‘I’m 29 now, still can’t let my guard down’, a line that captures the sentiment of ‘You and All Your Things’ perfectly, and solidifies Sam Way’s position as a poet warrior. His lyrics are as poetic as they are relatable, as beautiful as they are truthful. It is a song about the potential breakdown of a relationship, it questions whether it is too late to fix what is already broken.

Sam Way’s vocals are simultaneously powerful and yet intimate, strong and yet extremely sensitive. He is able to capture the true helplessness of the lyrics perfectly without sacrificing any of the strength in his voice. He is accompanied at first by only a piano, a stylistic decision that provides the perfect stage for his vocals to really shine through.

He is later joined by drums and vocal harmonies, additions that heighten the heart-breaking content of the song in a truly overwhelming way. Throughout the track, Sam Way’s vocals are the at the front and centre, with his voice gliding through the song with a real effortlessness.

‘You and All Your Things’ comes not long after the September release of his album ‘Archetype’, and a comparison between these two projects shows just how versatile this singer songwriter is. He can be fragile and delicate as successfully as he can be defiant and bold, he traverses subject matters with ease and fluency showing his true capabilities as a songwriter.

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Sam Way’s new single ‘You and All Your Things’ is released on Friday 23rd February 2018.
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