Black Stone Cherry

Black Stone Cherry – Black To Blues EP

As anyone who has seen Black Stone Cherry perform will know, these Kentucky lads are never far from the Blues. The clues are the way they play off each other, the use of dynamics, the occasional slide guitar but moreover the raspy vocal stylings of Chris Robertson.
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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band – Lay It On Down (Deluxe)

Shepherd’s albums always have two key elements, whatever the material – a great sense of purpose and assurance AND the uncanny and enduring relationship and understanding between Kenny and his long-time vocalist and guitarist Noah Hunt.
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Imagination feat. Leee John

Imagination feat. Leee John – Retropia

We have much time for Leee John. He makes great records, can readily turn his hand to jazz and we have never seen him give a bad performance, rather he has given some of the best we have seen, singing like an angel and giving his muscular band room to explore the funk. Here we have a set of twelve new songs plus some extra’s. And very welcome, too.
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The Isley Brothers

The Isley Brothers & Santana – Power Of Peace

A few copies of this release should be dropped over North Korea, I think..and then over Washington. Both these Sony acts have long promoted peace, love and understanding and their linking up to create and combine is a laudable notion.
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CousteauX – CousteauX

This early 2000s act returns with a new album and adding a letter to their group name. Cousteaux is in essence a duo of deep-voiced singer originally from Cork Liam KcKahey plus Davey Ray Moor, and Aussie born in Beirut.
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Janis Ian – The Essential 2.0

There’s always room for a Janis Ian compilation album and this double might be the strongest yet. It certainly has lots of highlights and for the newcomer to this stalwart artist’s work will be a revelation. Broadly chronological, this is a trip through a creative artist’s world and back again. Quite a trip from guesting on the very first Saturday Night Live TV show to filling concert halls worldwide today… read more

Dixie Chicks – DCX MMXVI

Sooner or later a great live act will be tempted to get the best of their stuff out on a CD / DVD set and here is the country-rock trio’s offering on three discs. These performances were recorded on a set of US and Canadian dates and it sounds as though they were fun. Selling 30 million albums must teach you something, in this case it was plainly how to entertain and put together a fine setlist. read more

Alice Cooper – Paranormal

A treat from Vincent! A new studio album AND a live performance on a second disc with a show out in Columbus. Produced by old sparring partner Bob Ezrin, too. What can go wrong? Turns out, not much at all….in passing, Alice was surprised that guest drummer Larry Mullen from U2 insisted on seeing the song lyrics before working on the drum parts..unprecedented, says Cooper. read more

The Bad Flowers – Thunder Child (Single)

The new single release from The Black Country's act The Bad Flowers features guitar man Tom Leighton, bassist Dale Tonks and drummer Karl Selickis, session helmed by producer Adam Beddow. Lead cut Thunder Child has the trio plunging into the number like an amphetamined Cactus but with the unmistakable Brit Metal vocal declamatory vocal style. read more

Little Big Town – The Breaker

Well just look at those titles, readers – very Brian Wilson/Beach Boys, are they not ? But this talented quartet (adding a band for touring) can play many instruments and all sing lead, so they have their own thing going. read more

Simo – Rise & Shine

‘Rise & Shine’ …a phrase I heard many a time from my late father, too early in the morning ! But his military background as a Sergeant Major never left him, we his hapless offspring his platoon…but the phrase also heralds the return of funky psych-rock trio from Nashville. read more

Aubrey Logan – Impossible

We are all about sounds and listening, in the main. But your scribe must take time out to mention that this artist has a face that is simultaneously beautiful and 100% wicked. She must have had a terrible time at school, she just looks as though she definitely did it or masterminded it. She also bears a resemblance to…oh, more of this another time….. read more

Keith Urban – Ripcord

Master of the live performance, Urban seems to release records to no conventional, regular pattern. So when one appears it is generally worth getting hold of a copy to see what Urban is up to. read more

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