Sarah Darling

Sarah Darling – Winter Wonderland

Two things strike you as you look at this album – the design has a beautiful charm about it, very striking and suitable for the theme AND it would be hard to pick a more hackneyed choice of songs for inclusion. However context is everything, any reviewer has to ask 1/ what is attempted and 2/ how successful is the project.
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Chris Hillman

Chris Hillman – Bidin’ My Time

Produced by the late Tom Petty, no less, this collection finds the Byrd and Burritos etc star looking backwards, forwards and sideways. Hillman is an established musician and singer of supreme quality.
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Karma To Burn

Karma To Burn / Sons Of Alpha Centauri – The Definitive 7” Trilogy

The first part of this (shared) release is performed by Karma To Burn..I think, there is I believe a 28 Page Booklet that I don’t have. The acts may be one and the same for all I know. The other one is Sons Of Alpha Centauri.
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The Harpoonist and Axe Murderer

The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer – Apocalipstick

Described as a ‘Canadian alt/blues-rock duo’, this act played some UK dates a few weeks ago before moving to Europe to perform there. I had the advantage of catching them with friends – notwithstanding local directional ‘advice’ - in an obscure village hostelry down a very long dark lane as they fitted in an extra show in deepest Sussex. They had no trouble charming the crowd.
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Project Mama Earth

Project Mama Earth – Project Mama Earth

This release really has an interesting list of participants – Joss Stone, Nitin Sawhney, Jonathan Joseph, Etienne M’Bappe, Jonathan Shorten. I really liked a previous gathering including Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart and called SuperHeavy but how does this fare ?
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Talk-Show – Permanent Honeymoon

Is Boo Hewerdine of The Bible fame likely to be involved as Executive Producer on a duff project? Is a recording also produced and mixed by Chris Pepper likely to be more than listenable? The answers are definitely No and Yes, respectively….hence Lawrence O’Shea has chosen well as regards cohorts for this album. Originally a one-man project, this is now a band itching to perform, I understand. read more

Blitzen Trapper – Wild & Reckless

The enduring Portland rock band recently had a 28-performance run of a musical entitled Wild & Reckless…quite an achievement. And here is an album under that name. It adds new numbers to gems from their catalogue, which seems fan-friendly as a plan. read more

Alexander O’ Neal – Hearsay 30

The original 1987 Minneapolis studio album helmed by Jam and Lewis sold over a million copies and the funky key cuts had club crowds dancing night after night. To this day Alexander tours on a glittering career with the Hearsay songs prominent in the act. read more

The Cadillac Three – Legacy

The JLTT team have seen this act a couple of times now and they do combine loose and free with good band discipline, to create a sound that coasts from mellow to exhilarating. There seems to be some love and respect in this crew..that or they all deserve Oscars…… read more

Paul Potts – On Stage

Your scribe does not watch TV ‘talent’ shows. Mainly because the acts become secondary to the self-promotion of the show hosts/’judges’/ principal figures. So I first became aware of Paul Potts when his albums came through the letterbox – as I was able to explain to him in person a few weeks ago. read more

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