Bootsy Collins

World Wide Funk

(Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group)

I have fond memories of that exciting show at Hammersmith, Mothership descending and all and featuring Parliament, Funkadelic, Bootsy’s Rubber Band with Mudbone Cooper AND a spliff-riding standup guy…so this new Bootsy and guests set is pretty welcome. Even for a guy who cannot dance..and never could.

First up is World Wide Funk (feat. Doug E. Fresh, Buckethead & Alissia Benveniste) and a deep voiceover tells the Bootsy tale. The bass and brass-driven sound kicks in, complete with ringing trebley Tele chords dancing above the mix. That distinctive voice has lost none of its loopy, growling charm. That beat cannot and should not be resisted!

Bass-Rigged-System (feat. Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Manou Gallo, Alissia Benveniste & World-Wide-Funkdrive) is an ace bassists gathering. A surefooted tempo gives a platform for these bottom-end barons to do their thing.

Pusherman (feat. Dru Down, BlvckSeeds , Mr. Talkbox) has a touch of Vanity Six before setting off on a chattering, hypnotic tread. It’s not the Curtis film tune, btw. A real party going on here, folks.

Thera-P (feat. Tyshawn Colquitt & Alissia Benveniste) is very BRB in feel and its rolling thump-beat. That rhythm guitar just dances!

Hot Saucer (feat. Musiq Soulchild & Big Daddy Kane) has rubbery fuzz axework and a steady temp topped by a cool vocal.

Heaven Yes is an excursion into an almost Lyle Mays mood, lovely piano to the fore. Bootsy lays out a romantic vocal that makes this is sensual highlight of the set. I really love this, he can be so subtle…

Ladies Nite (feat. MC Eiht & BlvckSeeds) is already a hit single. A fine toe-tapper and archetypal uplifting Collins. Somehow makes me think of Will Smith meeting TLC. Well that is no bad thing, as we say in England.

Candy Coated Lover (feat. X-Zact, Kali Uchis & World-Wide-Funkdrive) has a Philly groove that evokes Billy Paul in its springheeled sound and beautiful slivers of sax. Quite a surprise but then again why should we be phased by this artist’s range!

Snow Bunny (feat. Tyshawn Colquitt, Snowbunny & World-Wide-Funkdrive) gives us greasy sax and a sly beat, full of intent. Great music!

Hi-On-Heels (feat. October London) could have come from the Aah , The Name Is..album. In other words, you can smell the smoke and feel the pulse. A Salute To Bernie (feat. Dr. G. Bernie Worrell) is of course entirely merited..all the shows I saw by Funkadelic benefited from his elastic keyboards and sweet melodies were never far from his fingertips. It  starts with a conversation with a child before drifting into a lullaby melody hinting at Marley. A cool interlude and a haunting melody, Main Man…

Boomerang (w Justin Johnson) uses the funk bass to the’s a blues shot through with the funk. Not a huge distance from Johnny Guitar Watson who I always thought might be an influence on our star? Worth My While is soft funk, again redolent of Aaah, with gorgeous female singing.

Come Back Bootsy (feat. Eric Gales, Dennis Chambers & World-Wide-Funkdrive) is our man with the cream of players. Gales is heard talking about Collins, then a steady beat kicks in. A sinister riff slides in. Coming up to four minutes, Gales is letting guitar flurries loose. He’s a kid in The Entertainer in this company!

Illusions (feat. Chuck D, Buckethead and BlvckSeeds ) is a heady rocker that rounds off this excellent trip though Collins’ head in punchy style.

Pete Sargeant


(Thanks go to Mascot crew..and to Bootsy for liking and using our original album announcement piece)

You can listen to Bootsy Collins – Hot Saucer (feat. Musiq Soulchild & Big Daddy Kane) in this article.

Bootsy Collins’s new studio album ‘World Wide Funk’ is out now on Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group.

Bootsy Collins