Broken Witt Rebels

Georgia Pine EP 


If their previous EP Howlin’ established the punchy sound these blokes can attain, with the likes of Shake Me Down and Queen Bee, the new 5-tracker Georgia Pine evidences their developments as songwriters. The Midlands four-piece comprises Danny Core vcl/gtr, Luke Davis vcl/bass, James Dudley drums and James Tranter lead gtr/vcl.

‘Low’ kicks things off with a sinister Blue Oyster Cult style riff, giving way to the throaty and confident Core vocal. The fact that they take their time building things up points to their Free influence but these days we are more used to the frantic thrash metal sound where it is an apparent crime to leave any space at all, anywhere on a recording. However, BWR are aiming at both sexes, I suggest in adopting these bluesy swagger tempo’s on several numbers. Certainly the grimy, howling guitar solos sound better on a platform of trudging bass and held-back drumming. When they let everything go, it has maximum impact.

‘Suzie’ is again in no hurry to make its point and has a tinge of Lynyrd Skynyrd as it builds its soulful way. Some neat semi-stops show what a fine listener their drummer is. The disc’s title cut is at commencement a quick nod to Chuck Berry, but Danny’s voice gets more gravelly with every phrase, over the staccato guitar chording and deep walking bass. A pretty catchy chorus here, too. The insistent damped guitar chatters away as Core sings his heart out.

‘Getaway Man’ is the boss song here, an airy ballad with contemplative lyrics. It recalls early days Rod Stewart, the arrangement held steady as it grows to a pounding backdrop. Lovely chords and a touch of falsetto. The kind of thing Aerosmith used to excel at…then it picks up pace and I bet that’s come from playing the song live.

Closing item ‘Guns’ has a confident intro with another stirring vocal as the tale unfolds. It is a catchy song with diamond-hard guitar runs and punky chording.

A rock band who don’t fill every space with notes and thus let their soul shine through, this disc is a pretty good stab at capturing their live sound, pick one up when you go to see them.

Broken Witt Rebels

Pete Sargeant

Broken Witt Rebels new ‘Georgia Pine’ EP is out now. In addition, Broken Witt Rebels will be joining Brantley Gilbert as special guest on his May 2016 UK Tour. For dates and more information visit their official website here:

(Thanks to Peter)