The Cadillac Three


(Big Machine Records)

The JLTT team have seen this act a couple of times now and they do combine loose and free with good band discipline, to create a sound that coasts from mellow to exhilarating. There seems to be some love and respect in this crew..that or they all deserve Oscars……

This new album delivers a slew of tracks that define their sound and include some fresh elements. Let’s hit play….

Cadillacin’ gets things chooglin’ right away, with a hint of Tony Joe White, the vocal throaty and with an artful stomping middle eight over an insistent boogie guitar figure. Great music to drive to!

Tennessee has a grinding blues riff starting a spacey song that is catchy as hell, whisky and black dresses are referenced in the lyric ; Hank & Jesus is as downhome as these guys can get, an insistent melody over delicate acoustic guitars but as the half-minute mark is reached the beat kicks in. Another good chorus to join.

Dang If We Didn’t puts the hypnotic slide up front and had singing that seems to nod to Willie Nelson. A rather lovely song is a grubby setting and yes, it works ! Ain’t That Country has a rather psychy loping intro and the song tells a tale of country lifestyle choices or leanings. A touch maybe of Montgomery Gentry, masters of this strand of country rock. American Slang has a fast tempo, another effective vocal. The latter glues the collection together, gives it the backbone to make an album.

Take Me To The Bottom takes its time and stabs at the beat, making it a reflective piece with a midnight chill about it. A steady roll and confident delivery make this number an album highlight. Long Hair Don’t Care is a springheeled soft boogie, gritty singing really well-recorded. A track you’ll want to play again. I did.

Love Me Like Liquor is a more crisp production altogether and seems entirely drink-centred. Addicted to love and everything else. This is Cadillac 3 in romantic mode, folks. The tune is a winner. Demolition Man is an oft-used title. Here, it is a nifty mid-tempo country effort, as catchy as anything on this set. The collection ends with Legacy, an acoustic gem with C3 again in a heartfelt vibe and playing like a band with one brain. A neat closer.

Country rock and all its cousins, exhibiting power but also plenty of finesse from a proper group.

Pete Sargeant



The Cadillac Three’s new album ‘Legacy’ is out now on Big Machine Records.

You can watch the official music video for ‘American Slang‘ in this article.

The band will be touring the UK in November 2017. 

For more information visit their official website here:

The Cadillac Three