Carina Round

Deranged To Divine

Cargo Records

Let me start off by saying that this record is a thing of beauty, both in the way the songs have been selected and put together and by the way they have been presented. The cover, as with all of Carina’s has a stunning visual – this time a portrait from a session with the incredible Norman Jean Roy. Deranged to Divine is a collection of 18 tracks from a 15 year time frame spanning from 2001 to 2015. Just listening to it track by track, you can see that they have been carefully selected. We start of with ‘You Will Be Loved’ – a track from her 2012 album, ‘Tigermending’ and then rounding off with another song from her 2012 album, ‘The Secret of Drowning’ which is a dark and majestic piece penned by Brian Eno, Dave Stewart and Carina Round.

Carina has a vast portfolio of collaborations under her belt from Billy Corgan, Lou Reed, Sierra Swan, Ryan Adams, Puscifer, Robin & Jesse Davey…. You get the idea. I have always loved the video work she did with the Davey Brothers back in 2006 for the album ‘Slow Motion Addict’ – If you get the chance to watch them then head here. This album also boasts two new recording, ‘Gunshot’ which is a stunning piece that in its simplicity showcases Round’s vocal prowess and songwriting. If this track seems familiar then its because you have just watched the film ‘Alfie’ with Jude Law….yes the slow dance scene. The next unreleased recording is an alternative version of the 2006 ‘Want More’ from the before mentioned ‘Slow Motion Addict’.


All in all this is as I said at the beginning, ‘A thing of beauty, both in the way the songs have been selected and put together and by the way they have been presented’. It is a perfect collection of songs for both new fans to get aquatinted with and for long time supporters to indulge in a great hand crafted retrospective for the first time as well as two previously unreleased tracks.

Tack Listing:

01. You Will Be Loved

02. Into My Blood

03. Backseat

04. Girl and the Ghost  

05. Elegy

06. Gunshot*

07. Come to You

08. You and Me

09. Downslow

10. Message to Apollo

11. Slow Motion Addict

12. Overcome

13. Want More (Alternate Version)*

14. How I See It Side

15. For Everything a Reason

16. Lacuna

17. Mother’s Pride

18. The Secret of Drowning

*Previously Unreleased

Kieran White

(Thanks to Poppy Ballard at Quite Great PR)