Ed Barker featuring Annabelle and Eloise Barker

Feel It In Your Genes (Single)


An entertaining single release from a seasoned sax player and musician and all the more interesting for Ed rounding up his beguiling sisters Annabelle and Eloise to sing on the cut. The musicians playing here include drummer Ian Thomas, bassists Laurence Cottle and Goatious Footplus guitar aces Mark Jaimes and one Richard Niles..is he the bespectacled chap I used to see playing with Tessa Niles?

Anyway, you get the picture – everybody knows what they are doing here. Ed played sax on George Michael’s Cowboys and Angels. Much of his work has been out in California BUT on this cut although he probably subliminally displays his regard for Ronnie Laws – I suspect – the production (Keith Bessey) and recording has a very ‘London’ sound to these ears, being a busy-bass-led upbeat tune. In fact it has a very Shakatak 80s pop-funk vibe and so though sounding out-of-time perhaps is a pretty fresh treat for the ears. The stabbing horn inserts sound crisp and just rich enough, with Kool-style synth floating back in the mix. No SynDrums, thanks be. The sax is sparing and very well-recorded if a bit light on the delay.

Quite where the current market for this item is I don’t know, but what a pleasant and rhythmic listen! Snappy insistent funk with cool vocals.


Pete Sargeant

Ed Barker featuring Annabelle and Eloise Barker new single ‘Feel It In Your Genes’ is available to download now at http://thebarkers.edbarkermusic.com/ 

For more information visit: http://edbarkermusic.com/ 

(Thanks to Lisa Davies and Mike Armstrong for help with this review)