Eric Paslay

Friday Night (Single)

Humphead/Wrasse Records

Country music has had something of a surge in the UK in the past two to five years with television shows such as ‘Nashville’ coming over from across the pond and the music festival Country 2 Country which this year had live arena shows in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Sweden and Norway. I have always enjoyed not only the range of emotion in the genre but also the humour of country and the lyrics of ‘Friday Night’ by Eric Paslay sure do accomplish that. The song was originally on Lady Antebellum’s 2011 album ‘Own the Night’ and it was co-written with Rose Falcon and Rob Crosby.

The banjo s and fiddles make it distinctively country but it is also a really up-tempo sing-along track that becomes the ultimate driving song and lines like ‘I wanna be you’re lemonade in the shade’ really make you long for hot sunny days (especially in Britain). The vocals really fit the song comfortably and I can imagine that they had quite a lot of fun making the music video for this song. I really think that now that Country 2 Country is returning to The 02 Arena in London for three days in March 2016 they really should put this rising star on the bill.

Glenn Sargeant

Friday Night Eric Paslay