Santa Will Find You (Single)


So there I am back from an own gig, late at night and checking some incoming PR emails and announcements. The artwork here has a young lad staring straight into your soul and I was freaked out by the message – ‘Satan Will Find You’…!..was this some revival of the scary British sci-fi film Village Of The Damned? Or the later chiller, The Omen? A cup of tea later and I see that I misread the song title and it is in fact ‘Santa Will Find You’…. Rather more comforting and seasonal.

Libera is a choir formed in 2000, working everywhere and even ending up on a game soundtrack with Paul McCartney, called Destiny. Based in England, their London Xmas show at St George’s in Lambeth sold out in minutes. Plus singing at Aled Jones wedding ain’t bad for the cv!

This single finds the outfit and soloist Isaac London softly slipping into a warm melody with gentle piano backing and a churchy vocal build-up. With the comforting message that the big boke in the red suit won’t forget you. The melody is halfway between Harry Nilson and Paul McCartney. Sevenths and all. The soaring voices are truly beautiful but stop short of saccharine Disney overkill. In fact for a Christmas cut this is pretty subtle and somehow not over-sentimental.They even spare us the awful brass band and sleigh bells coda that seems obligatory on some Yuletide confections. Hooray!!

I kinda liked it.

Pete Sargeant

Libera Single

Libera’s single ‘Santa Will Find You’ is available to buy now. For more information visit:

(Thanks to Lisa Davies and Michael Armstrong for help with this review)