Little Mountain

Little Mountain

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Little Mountain is a London based band founded by Ross Godfrey of Morcheeba, his partner Amanda Zamolo and Steven Forshaw (Ste for short). Opener ‘Almighty Love’ has echoes of Newton Faulkner’s early work in terms of vocal delivery whilst ‘Even More’ (a track written by Ste about his girlfriend) feels quite harsh with dark lyrics accompanied by melancholy acoustic guitar making it very much a light and shade track. ‘Giving It Up’ would probably be the best track for radio airplay as the chorus is extremely catchy,  the electric guitar just flows out  and Dan Joeright’s drumming helps tie it all together.

‘Sound Mirror’ is a peaceful instrumental which is sandwiched in the middle of this ten track album and helps the pacing as a whole. Although their genre is classed as folk rock it doesn’t necessarily sound like folk in the conventional sense. Amanda (originally from Paris) really excels with her lead vocal ‘Tractor Beam’ and does create a dream-like state. ‘What We Gonna Do’ really has elements of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ whether that was the band’s intention I don’t know.

Closing track ‘You Never Know’ for me has the best lyrics on the whole simply because it is relatable and when people can relate and connect with a song that is the best response any musician can ask for.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into this album and aside from an Apple Mac Pro, everything used on the album was made before 1975. If you’re a hardcore Bellowhead fan this may not be for you but if you need to relax to some calming music after a hard day at work then Little Mountain is perfect.

Glenn Sargeant

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Little Mountain’s debut album is released on Monday 16th March 2015