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Phoenix (Single)


Luna LePage is a female-fronted blues band based in the Berkshire/Buckinghamshire area. It is very much a family affair with Luna LePage (lead vocalist) performing alongside her brother Joe Morris (bass), brother-in-law Martyn Goddard (guitars) and long-standing family friend Andy Lambert (drums).

The band formed in 2014 and on Tuesday 20th October 2015 they will be releasing their first official debut single  ‘Phoenix’ and it will be available via iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. 

‘Phoenix’ is a song of hope and finding strength during difficult times. The storyline takes inspiration from the dark side of existence and the desperate place we go when we feel the world is falling apart around us. From the very darkest moments, light can always be found at the end of the tunnel and this song is about realising there is something beautiful in this world and a reason to drive forward. It’s about finding strength, building courage and calming the chaos that can take over us. Luna LePage finds self-belief to be the like the rise of a phoenix, which casts aside the demons that try to take you under. This is honest, hypnotic and relatable music about everyday struggles we all face.

The intro is very much country blues electric twang guitar and subtle percussion and Luna LePage doesn’t mess about and is singing from eight seconds into the track. Her vocals are definitely soulful and the music makes me think of driving down an American highway late at night. When I hear her voice I can clearly hear the influences of female vocalists such as Etta James, Amy Winehouse, and Aretha Franklin. However, in terms of a specific individual voice Luna LePage makes me think of British vocalist Duffy. I always found with Duffy that she had some really catchy radio-friendly songs such as ‘Warwick Avenue’, Rain On Your Parade’ and the hit single ‘Mercy’ but I wasn’t keen on her voice.

Having said that, Luna LePage’s voice does work for this track and I do enjoy the fact that they have blended blues music with elements of old school rock and roll. It is something I could hear being played on the radio as the pop-soul genre is popular especially in the UK. I think it would be a really good move if they were to follow this debut single up with a five-track EP and I am looking forward to seeing them live at some point in the future.

Glenn Sargeant

Luna LePage’s debut single ‘Phoenix’ will be released on Tuesday 20th October 2015 and it will be available via iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. The single will be accompanied by a music video which will also be released on Tuesday.

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