Mike Posner

I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SEEB Remix)

(Island Records)

When you read the name Mike Posner you might remember the name but not where you know it from. This is the case for quite a few artists that have been away for a while and making new music. Well Mike Posner came onto the scene with the catchy pop hit ‘Cooler Than Me’ which graced the airwaves a couple of years ago. In addition, he collaborated with UK X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd for the song ‘With Ur Love’ which was released in 2014.

A couple of months ago, Posner released his new single ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ which over the summer became an instant club music hit and it had people dancing from all around the world. The SEEB remix was remixed at Livingroom Studios in Oslo, Norway and has been produced with mainstream radio in mind.

The opening line “I took a pill in Ibiza, to show Avicci I was cool” shows an element of pop music rivalry wrapped up in humour. There is an aspect of pain and realisation as Mike sings “You don’t wanna be high like me” as he is telling his fans (especially younger fans) that they don’t want to take drugs like him as it didn’t do him any favours.

The lead vocals are clear and heartfelt whilst the track has this raw honesty about it which makes it for me, one of the best pieces of songwriting in 2016 and although I enjoy the remix version, it is the stripped down acoustic second track (recorded at Kensaltown Studios, London, United Kingdom) which is the highlight.

Nice work Mike.

Glenn Sargeant


Mike Posner’s single ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ is out now on Island Records. For more information visit his website here: http://www.mikeposner.com/