Louder (Single)


Mollyanna are a Sheffield outfit and Louder is their new single, to be supported by live appearances. They already sound really focussed and disciplined, to this scribe.

A moody intro creates a solemn ambience, underlined by steady drums and saturnine piano figures over an icy synth backdrop. The clear vocal delivery starts off restrained and semi-breathy but soon ramps up into a full-blooded strong but melodic torrent.  A fetching vocal rasp colours the following verses – “ I don’t think I could scream much louder ”, An electric guitar break sounds like Lindsey Buckingham trying out with Alice In Chains. That’s two compliments there, chaps.  All quite haunting and thankfully controlled much better than, say. Siouxsie’s attempts at similar dark pieces back in the past. It may well appeal to followers of Evanessence  BUT the group sounds heavier so let’s revise that to Delain or Tarja Turunen or the mighty Lacuna Coil…

I wonder whether I can persuade singer Bernadette Dales and her lads to do Spellbound?

The video for the release is directed by Adam Fitch and you can watch it here, Dales’ hypnotic eyes and all:

Pete Sargeant


Mollyanna’s new single ‘Louder’ is released independently and is out now.

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