Shane Filan – ‘Me And The Moon’ (Single)

(East West Records/Warners)

Former Westlife member Shane Filan has announced that he will release his second solo album ‘Right Here’ on Friday 25th September 2015 on East West Records/Warners. The first single from the album is ‘Me And The Moon’ is out on Monday 10th August.

It is an emotional track essentially about loss whether it is a relationship finishing, a loved one or friend passing away or being away from people due to extensive travelling. The acoustic guitar intro is contemporary and makes me think of James Bay in parts. Shane’s vocals are strong as he sings with a passionate delivery and mellow tone and the song is very relate-able.

Granted, you wouldn’t expect Shane to go down the heavy metal route (although I would be interested to hear how he would approach it) so his new material isn’t what you would call ‘surprising’ as his background is in modern pop music. However, this song is darker than his previous solo work like ‘Everything To Me’ and you can hear that a lot of thought has gone into ‘Me And The Moon’ in terms of both the production and the track’s overall message.

For the new album Filan dedicated himself to a huge writing process in which he co-wrote almost fifty songs, the best of which make up two-thirds of ‘Right Here’. The remaining tracks were chosen from approximately 200 submissions that he’d shortlisted from other writers. It was a lengthy process, but one which was necessary to ensure that he would fulfill his mission statement: to deliver a collection of ten brilliant contemporary pop songs.

If you enjoyed Westlife and Shane’s solo debut album then this is an essential purchase, but if you just like your pop music then don’t rule this new single and album out either. Shane Filan has returned with purpose and a radio-friendly single and I think people will be very excited to hear the rest of the album.

Here is the official music video for ‘Me And The Moon’ from YouTube:



Shane Filan Single Cover

Glenn Sargeant

Shane Filan’s second solo album ‘Right Here’ is released on Friday 25th September 2015 on East West Records/Warners. Pre-orders for the album are now live at iTunes and Amazon, and Amazon also have a signed CD version available. ‘Me and the Moon’ is available as an instant grat track.

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(Thanks to Dan Deacon and Roni Newman at Deacon Communications for help with this review)