Supersonic Blues Machine

West of Flushing, South of Frisco

(Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group)

Dr Z presents Supersonic Blues Machine, as it says on the cover and the Machine has many friends who are key figures in our world, just check the names below. That doesn’t mean that the session is automatically a success, it all depends upon the production, arrangements, material and approach of the contributors.

The core band here includes bassist and producer Fabrizio Grossi, guitarist and writer Lance Lopez, drummer Kenny Aronoff,The Slam’s Serge Simic. The aim was avowedly a spirit of camaraderie rather than a musical shoot-out

Miracle Man has a gorgeous mix of electric and acoustic guitars and harp stabs with a gravelly vocal. I Ain’t Fallin’ Again takes a crisp tread towards an insistent riff and another great lead vocal, very catchy too with honed backing vocals. Running Whiskey features Billy Gibbons no less and his driving fuzz axe riffs smoking the tune, quality stuff. Then Remedy has Warren Haynes aboard, on a lovely country rock cut with harmony guitars and relaxed singing, with the band making him sound terrific. Bone Bucket Blues is a harsh thrash of a selection, high register harp and electric slide. Let It Be has a Trowerish ambience, fabulous drumwork and deep bass runs.That’s My Way brings Chris Duarte in for the recording and his distinctive stingray guitar is to the fore on this dirty groove.

Ain’t No Love has special meaning for Fabrizio and Lance, all explained in my chat with them. Nightmares & Dreams finds galactic blues rock star Eric Gales in action and there are few players as fiery and insistent. Can’t Take It No More stars Walter Trout and of course it is an eerie highlight, with glorious dual guitar melodies.

Let’s Call It A Day showcases Robben Ford, respected by this crew for his subtle paying and musicality and this truly is a wonderful and affecting song. Closing cut Watchagonnado is upbeat, funky fun – wrapping up a beautifully recorded collection.

Supersonic Blues Machine

Pete Sargeant

Supersonic Blues Machine’s debut album ‘West of Flushing, South of Frisco’ is out now on Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group. For more information visit their official website here:

(Thanks to Lee and Steve at Mascot Label Group for help with this review)