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Also available at the group’s gigs, this second set from Zack Smith the multi-instrumentalist and roaring Jefferson Starship vocalist and musician Cathy Richardson has drums by Blair Sinta and extra guitar contributions from Tom Ayres and JS axeman Jude Gold, also adding some bass. The songs are by Cathy and Zack.

When she sent me the record, our Cath mentioned that the correct title for Track 9 is Wish You Well, so with that noted let’s tell you what we hear………

First cut Down has twinkling guitar stomp tempo and a slightly breathy vocal, shaping into a classic rock sounding with nagging keyboard figure. Of course the vocal delivery is tuneful and powerful and the chorus catchy as a cold. I am a sucker for this melodic rock in the vein of Fiona Flanagan and Karen Lawrence, so hearing Cathy tearing into this stuff is cathartic

Peaceful Protest takes an arpeggio’d guitar intro and moody bass and the song has an Alice Through The Looking Glass vibe, so who better to sing it? Hear that note she holds @ 1:20! The rebellious lyric would surely have appealed to the late JS frontman Paul Kantner, meantime the band play every dynamic the tune can yield, like the masters they are. Everybody Loves You tumbles along on gritty guitar chording and may appeal to In This Moment fans. The drums really boot this one along, Richardson is on a vocal excursion that keeps its edge and an octave’d guitar wails out of the mix. I will have to ask here whether she ever dug The Runaways..

Something Drastic sure conjures up the spirit of Grace Slick over a folky backing with deep bass tracking. Sounds like an electric 12-string on this one. Cathy seems to have a pile of voices to summon up when needed. It’s like a frayed edition of Heart at times but it still sounds distinctively Cathy Richardson. Influences are there, but she sings everything her way. Can’t Stop Time has a subterranean groove tempo and again an edgy vocal delivery over tremelo’d guitar buzzing. Dany uses a spiky steady tempo and hits a Brill Building bridge with comfort and a rich melody. This is one gorgeous song, plaudits to all. Digging A Hole is heavy pumping rock and again the vocal sounds just fine and on the money.

I’m Back has twisting chord fragments as a tale unfolds of a mysterious female’s return. The singing on this is awesome and the musical backdrop a veritable dinosaur in motion. Excellent and rocking out. Wish You Well keeps up the fiery tempo with pounding drums and clipped chordal stabs and yet another vocal timbre. This Is How It Ends closes the programme with no let up in approach and a haunting lyric..your inner David Lynch eh, blondie? Maybe the best song here.

Powerful and tuneful, this music has edge and colour bursting out of it. You ought to check it out…

The Macrodots


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(Many thanks to Cathy Richardson for help with this review)