Christmas Day EP

(e a r music / Edel Germany)

From the ace hardrock band comes a seasonal offering of new items which stresses the act’s versatility and quality and won’t make you throw up from too much sugar and corniness. The compositions are by guitarist Luke Morley but sung by Daniel Bowes as if the words were his.

It always struck me that drummer Harry James – also of blues-rock stars Bad Influence – is the nearest we have ever had to the mighty whisper-to-scream skinsman Ritchie Hayward of Little Feat. Bassist Chris Childs attains a clean but fat bass sound that suits this band to a tee. Ben Matthews handles guitar and keys with precision and feel.

Christmas Day the lead track is a lilting acoustic cut, light harmonics here and there and Bowes sings this winter tune with a light touch and in a key on the edge of his range which simply serves to make the delivery all the more tender. The Hammond is just so and the backing vocals sweet but not corny or overdone. The song stays in the head and a guitar break @ 2:40 has a stunning beauty. Other acts would have taken this number in an OTT production direction..but not these classy chaps!

Love Walked In is the 2017 version, piano led and remaining a plaintive ballad, sung well and melodic. Up there with the best Whitesnake softer songs. Low Life In High Places is here in acoustic form, crisply played and a warning to youth on the hidden dangers of societal laxity. Not that the young ever take advice, eh? Superb bass and cymbal washes just add to the ambience. That chorus brooks no resistance, just join in softly. Another apposite guitar break over the chording. Daniel sings the back of this but with no histrionics. A triumph.

Also acoustic and closing the programme here is Heartbreak Hurricane has a neat sway and here Bowes’ voice has a pleasing thickness that avoids hackneyed folksiness. The melody is very much post-Free and none the worse for that, the guitar weave is pure beauty.

One of the best musical side projects ever put together, imho.

Pete Sargeant


(Thanks Glenn)

Live Thunder Photo Credit: Kieran White/KW Media

Thunder’s new ‘Christmas Day’ EP is out now on e a r music / Edel Germany.

You can watch the official music video for ‘Christmas Day’ in this article.

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