Potergeist – 20 Questions

With a brand new album ‘Crocodile Tears’ just released, Athens rock band Potergeist continue making an impact on audiences everywhere – we thought they might like to undergo one of Pete’s (customised) 20 Question sessions and in true democratic mode, each band member gets a say…..

Stratal (Guitar) :

  • What are your favoured stage guitars and why?

I love the sound of PRS. They are so smooth in holding and playing. It’ s amazing that their characteristic sound fits to so many styles of music. Unfortunately it is difficult to afford one.

  • What is your aim when performing as a band?

To have a solid result, considering the sound and the whole performance, trying at the same time to transmit the energy and the feelings originating from the band to the audience.

  • Steve Vai or Adrian Belew?

Although I admire their approach in music and love some of their compositions, I am not a fan so I would just say Adrian Belew because of King Crimson

  • What music would you run across the room to turn up if it came on the radio ? (Artist /title ) – and what to turn OFF?

I would run for any Pink Floyd’s song.

Bonus Question: Which is your favourite track on the current Potergeist album and why?

Alex S Wamp  (Vocals) :

  • Name a great live album and outline its appeal to you plus any favourite inclusions

Iron Maiden Live After Death. Just listen to The rime of the ancient mariner and all your answers are there. When it came out it was mind blowing and it changed my way of thinking about live albums.

  •  Which makes of microphone do you favour and why?

That would have to be the Shure Beta 58.There is no other mic for the job.

  • Rammstein, Ruts DC or Rage Against The Machine? ( I am friends with one of these bands ! – PS)

Rage Against The Machine! The greatest lyricist and performer of our times is Zack.And I also think that when you speak of strong music with groove this is the first band that should come to your mind.

  • Is there a book that you would like to score the music for and why?

I would love to do the music for The Count of Monte Cristo.It is a great book and it would have to feature many styles to cover the so many changes of emotions the character goes through.

Bonus Question: Which is your favourite track on the current Potergeist album and why?

Kostis Vihos (Bass) :

  • Name a track (artist /title) that you find really relaxing

‘Society’ by Eddie Vedder (from the “Into the Wild O.S.T.).

  • Can you dance? Do you dance?

I can’t dance at all but I dance a lot especially when I’m drunk…

  • Name your favourite James Brown track and explain its appeal to you…and the same for Primus, please

‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag’! The Jimmy Nolen’s guitar playng in this track is one of the most funkiest and grooviest things I’ve heard in my whole life! Solid rythm section, excellent brass. The “soul power” 60’s era of James brown in it’s greatness! When you play that song you can’t stop moving your head.

Primus is one of my biggest influences. My favorite track is ‘Sgt Baker’ and comes from ‘Sailing the seas of cheese’. Les Claypool with his personal mad style through his brilliant lyrics emphasizes the ridiculous way of the military life and the absurd army philosophy. I like the abstract bass intro a lot. Les surprises us once more with this genius bass playing! Once more unexpected and unique!

  • What basses do you prefer to take out to gigs ? What strings do you generally use?

I play mostly with a 93′ Killer B Tobias (5 string) bass, although my favorite one is a 4 string 78 sting ray (the original Louis Johnson model made by Leo Fender especially for him). Crocodile tears recorded


Nick XP (Guitar) :

  •  Les Dudek, Duane Allman or Larry Carlton? Any favourite tracks of theirs?

Duane Allman for sure. ‘Midnight Rider’ is just soooo good.

  • Name two recordings that are fine to drive to (artist/title/source album)

That would be

Kid Rock – Rock n Roll Jesus – Rock n Roll Jesus Audioslave – Show Me How to Live – Audioslave

  •  A guy in one of my bands ALWAYS modifies brand new guitars! Do you do this? Please elucidate…

Not really. I do change pickups to high output ones though.

  • Name a track by any artist where the guitar break outclasses the actual song!

‘Stand Up And Shout’ from Steel Dragon and the Rockstar movie don t you hear it too?

Tulis Toleas (Drums)

  •  Your playing has great definition – are you a fan of Terry Bozzio or Chad Wackerman?

Thank you very much for your kind words and I’m very happy you enjoy the way I play. They’re both huge drummers and have influenced many drummers around the world. Growing up I always had a poster of Mike Portnoy and Vinnie Paul hanging on my wall.

  • Three tips for a novice drummer, please

Practice, patience and an open mind

  • Which are the best sticks you have used and why?

I’ve played with many pairs throughout the years. I think Vater has the best quality possible.

  • What’s your favourite film soundtrack and why?

It couldn’t be other than the Blues Brothers. The moment I first saw this movie I knew I wanted to get involved with music and drums specifically. It has an epic soundtrack! Unfortunately , we don’t see such things

Pete Sargeant

Potergeist’s new album ‘Crocodile Tears’ is out now. 

For more information visit: https://www.facebook.com/potergeist 

(Thanks to Potergeist for taking time to take part in the 20 Questions series and Tom Brumpton at Polymath PR for making this possible)