Mud Morganfield

Mud Morganfield – Fathers And Sons

One of the earliest blues shows your scribe took in, many decades ago was by Muddy Waters, with Otis Spann on piano and Paul Oscher on the harp, in Tolworth at The Toby Jug. My mis-spent youth eh? Now, some fifty years later, here I am talking with one of Muddy’s sons, Mud Morganfield, also known as Muddy Waters Jnr!

The Zombies

The Zombies On The Band And The Blues (Part Two)

Pete meets up with keyboard ace and composer Rod Argent for a general chat and the latter’s five Blues Choices to make up the group’s ten. Over tea and cakes, Rod’s love of music is ever more evident…

The Zombies

The Zombies On The Blues (Part One)

The Zombies – veteran purveyors of scintillating and haunting music for over five decades, drawing on jazz, rock and blues influences at every turn but scoring durable chart hits all over the world, even gifting Carlos Santana with one of his biggest hits and spurring The Byrds to explore psychedelia…

Doyle Bramhall II

Doyle Bramhall II – Tea, Tones And Tunes

With a new album coming out on Mascot and titled Shades it seems a good time to catch up again with the artist as he flies in from sunny California to overcast Shoreditch for press sessions. Pete and fellow guitarist Colin Howell grab a beverage and join Doyle at his hotel this morning to talk about the new record:


The Adelaides

So we are up at the Cornbury Festival and we get the chance to chat with two of fresh-air country rock outfit The Adelaides. Did we have to get asked twice?…

Mari Wilson

A singer’s singer, knowledgeable and melodic BUT with that jazzy feel that enables her to bring a freshness to her material. Just Listen To This had the chance to speak with Mari at her Cornbury Festival appearance. Her answers to our questions give a clue as to how she has sustained a career, thank you Ms Wilson…

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Chris Simmons

A purveyor of often moody compositions that nevertheless connect with the listener, Simmons seems to already have his own style, though perhaps a trace of Elliot Smith or Nick Drake may be found by the discerning. Up at the Cornbury Festival, Just Listen To This had the chance to get Chris to tell his own story in an impromptu session. Thanks, amigo…

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Albert Lee & Peter Asher

One half of Peter & Gordon and a world-renowned record producer teams up with everyone’s country rock guitar ace for some duo shows. With no real preparation except years of fandom, Just Listen To This get a chance to chat with the star pair, backstage at the Cornbury Festival…Thanks gents!

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Marc Cohn

The chance to meet up with renowned US songsmith Cohn was one Just Listen To This was not going to miss. Ahead of his Cornbury Festival performance Marc fields our questions with directness and warmth..maybe he realised what a fan Pete is. We put this upfront!

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Blair Jollands

Just Listen To This had the chance to speak with the NZ songsmith, up at the Cornbury Festival. He’s a bit different. But so are we. Here’s our conversation…

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Pete Murray

The Australian songsmith is playing at Bush Hall and we have an invite to see him perform. Opportunists that we are, we offer to arrive early and chat with Murray before the show…thanks Pete for the meet and these informative responses…

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Phil Brown – The Mechanics Of Song Creation

It’s time we caught up with mercurial musician, arranger, songsmith and singer Phil Brown. Currently based in Nashville, Brown’s skyborne sonic works eschew the city’s traditional patterns and tone palates for something more linear and soulful… This conversation takes in his influences and many other thoughts…

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Paul Carrack

Paul Carrack has added value to every ensemble he has played with. His series of solo albums are rich with tuneful and relatable songs that seem to stand outside time and trends and like Randy Newman or George Jones you will still enjoy them for years to come. This time around with the release of These Days, the songcraft and top-notch players have created a genuine classic album. Carrack gives direct and informative answers, so do please enjoy this relaxed conversation…

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Dan Tyminski

The American singer-songwriter is in London for the promo on his dark artefact of a new album. We meet Dan to get the lowdown on the project and he answers all queries in this conversation hinging on how songs communicate. Thanks, Mr T…

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