Beth Hart

Beth Hart With Special Guest Davy Watson, May 2018, Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom

Beth Hart with Special Guest Davy Watson Friday 4th May 2018 Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom Christie Goodwin From this very stage less...
Ladies Of The Blues

Ladies Of The Blues, March 2018, Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge, London, United Kingdom

This was the place to be in London tonight, for fans of blues and roots music. Mostly the audience heard men playing BUT each of the three acts was of course fronted by a female artist with something to say and the voice and chops to deliver it.

Finbar Furey

Finbar Furey, April 2018, Islington Assembly Hall, Islington, London, United Kingdom

It isn’t often – and for this audience not nearly often enough – that Irish singer-songwriter Furey plays live in London. When he and his three accompanists take the stage dead on time at 8 pm, a wave of warm applause erupts.

Mary Spender

Mary Spender, March 2018, The Borderline, London, United Kingdom

I first came across Mary Spender on YouTube (like a lot of her following) and was impressed by not only her guitar skills but also her warm vocals which sound very familiar.

Stone Broken

Stone Broken with Special Guests Jared James Nichols and The Bad Flowers, February 2018, Islington Assembly Hall, London, United Kingdom

It’s a cold night in North London and a throng of rock fans are outside the venue, awaiting completion of soundchecks and entry. The headline band are just back from dinner, heading back into the hall and responding to calls of greeting, the four walk straight over to the punters and happily pose for photographs and chat before going inside.

2017 In Review

Maybe it is because we know about them, but yet again this year we seem to have lost so many creative and entertaining characters. And yet again we can be inspired to remember them and keep their music alive…

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