Carl Palmer

Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy – Live

This is a live performance CD and DVD set,with a twist on the ELP songbook and more – and helmed by none other than drummer Carl Palmer! The shows are from Tralf Music Hall in Buffalo, New York for the CD and the Olympia Theater in Miami for the later DVD performance.

Southern Avenue

Southern Avenue – Southern Avenue

A quirky, characterful bunch they look on the cover – two sassy ladies and three guys from Prison Break. Nah, just kidding, they do look like a unit..purposeful.

Eric Paslay

Eric Paslay – The Work Tapes

This edition of Paslay’s first collections includes all five cuts from his The Work Tapes release – hence it’s a healthy look at his style and songwriting. What’s at work here?

Jack Carty & Gus Gardiner

Jack Carty & Gus Gardiner – Hospital Hill

This is a special project from Carty and Gardiner, recorded out in Sydney. The pair have worked together on many occasions, so this collection has the working relationship already established and hence the concentration here is on the impact of the material, Members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra are heard during the programme

Austin Gold

Austin Gold – Before Dark Clouds

This English ensemble comprises David James Smith on guitar and vocals, Jack Cable on guitars, Lee Churchill on bass, Russell Hill keys plus drummer Chris Ogden. They have taken the roadwork route, to hone their songs and grow an audience. The liner notes give mention of Vanquish guitars

Robin McKelle – Melodic Canvas

Singer-songwriter McKelle found she had much to write about, after the last US Election. For this collection, she felt she could enhance the compositions by leaning in an acoustic direction and adding percussion touches to frame the vocals.

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The Sharpeez – Wild One

Bill Mead and crew always sound so purposeful, but not jaded. Powerful, but refined. Their exciting stage brew of rock, R &B, rockabilly and country rock makes for absorbing and rhythmic shows.

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Desert Mountain Tribe – Om Parvat Mystery

This outfit came together in 2012, grouping Jonty Balls on guitar/vocal, Philipp Jann on bass and Frank Van Der Ploeg on drums. Roadwork has honed their act and songs and this new album reflects the sound of a working band. These cuts were recorded in London and on The Faroe Islands.

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Hatful Of Rain – Songs Of The Lost & Found

I love the name of this group – it conjures up a street busker keeping on performing in inclement weather. So here is a new album, the sonic ingredients including vocals, the expected roots instrumentation plus lyrics that hinge on a lot of current concerns – I WILL not use the word ‘issues’! – make up the brew captured here.

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Imarhan – Temet

This edgy Algerian Tuareg desert rock five-piece came together in 2006, down in Tamanrasset. To this listener, the group – like Tinariwen – weave a magical sound that seems to combine the reflective with pure propulsion and enough refinement to lift the music to heights one might not anticipate.

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Zialand – Unbridled & Ablaze

This Norwegian singer-songwriter tends to get straight to the heart of the dilemmas and situations she opts to write about. A good case in point is the song Running Cold, about an acquaintance with deep troubles.

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Joan Armatrading – Not Too Far Away

One of our leading and most grounded singer-songwriters returns with a brand-new set of songs. Armatrading remains the illuminator of human dilemmas, the midwife of melodies. Her subject matter never seems to stray too far from the personal, the heartfelt, the relatable.

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Tom Bailey – Science Fiction

A long time a-coming, this one – but now Thompson Twins singer Bailey is releasing this set of songs. Seven Top 40 hits in the UK and USA back in the 80s means Tom can tour on those for the duration but can he still connect with the public via these new efforts?

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