Sound Of The Sirens

Sound Of The Sirens – This Time

Sound Of The Sirens is not a duo I am overly familiar with and I have not had the opportunity to hear their 2017 debut album ‘For All Our Sins. ’ However, this West-Country pair will release their second record ‘This Time’ in early 2019 and we have kindly been sent an advance copy for review. Let’s press play…

Jon Allen – My Blues Top Ten

Is there such a thing as dark honey? It’s surely to be found in the affecting vocals of Jon Allen but his songwriting talent is the sustaining factor in his career.

Earl & The Agitators

Earl & The Agitators All Star Band feat. Scott Holt – Shaken & Stirred

As a reviewer, I get a lot of records to write about. More and more, with a lot of new music business produce there is something missing. Something that can be sensed in every musical genre at its best, but that nowadays seems to take third or fourth place.


K-Syran – Journey

The dance-pop queen rounds up recent releases for this album and the changes are rung. She seems to create a song for most moods and here the material is varied, as we might by now expect.


Collateral – ‘4 Shots!’ EP

Visually, this rock four-piece seem to observe all traditions – lively images posing, lairy clothes, showy hair…so what matters is the quality of their material and the impact of their performances.

Delta Rae – A Long And Happy Life EP

A country act comprising six men and two women, produced by veteran helmsman Dan Huff – so likely of quality and interest, given his track record and history. The main chunk of writing appears to fall to Eric Holljes and Ian Holljes, presumably brothers.

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The Overtones – The Overtones

Their reputation founded on their lively stage performances, invariably with a colourful instrumental band behind them, The Overtones’ sad loss this year of one of their lineup has left them a quartet. It may be a cliché that the departed Timmy would beyond any doubt have wanted the outfit to continue – whatever his own problems and crises – but it surely is the truth.

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Rachael Sage – Myopia

So for some years now I have written about Ms Sage’s releases, enjoyed her company at eateries when she is over from New York and attended several live performances…here comes the joke…but once again I look through the lengthy Thank You album credits and once again, I am not included. Er…an oversight?

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John Akapo – Paradise Blues

‘Big John’ Akapo comes from Hawaii and reportedly has delta blues and American Samoan in his DNA. Here he performs originals in with a few versions that show where he is coming from. Like many of us, John’s parents did not care for his music.

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The Blues Messengers – Uncut

This act comprises ‘Sir’ Oliver Mally, Alex Meik and Peter Muller. Guitar, stand-up bass and drums and a relaxed feel as starting cut Devil’s Gone Fishing rolls in on an Al Green groove.

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Liv Austen – A Moment Of Your Time

With some EP releases and several live performances under her belt including Cornbury Music Festival at C2C Music Festival in London to name a few, Liv Austen has released her debut album entitled ‘A Moment Of Your Time’.

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I’m not overly familiar with The Struts I must admit. I have read about them in the music press and how when they opened for the Foo Fighters the band’s frontman Dave Grohl stated that “they’re the best opening band they’ve ever had” and that the rock legend that is Alice Cooper made a cameo in one of their music videos but that is really it.

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