Cars 3

Soundtrack Album

(Walt Disney/Pixar)

The soundtrack to the latest motoring animation family film arrives and like the previous related albums for Cars and Cars 2, you can expect upbeat tunes by various artists that sound fine….er, especially in the car.


I have approached several film companies with the notion of creating a motoring motion picture for older, steadier drivers. A soundtrack of slower orchestral favourites would be the soundtrack and the benefits of courteous, risk-free motoring woven into the plot. No responses as yet – and I fear Back In Sixty Minutes may never be made…perhaps Careful and Courteous would be better title. That Vin Weasel chap could make a guest appearance and be gently reminded of some elementary good practices, over a cream tea..


Run That Race has Dan Auerbach of Black Keys plus associates over a busy clattering tempo and waspish guitars. Low Fi vocals don’t quite fit in with the actual music and doesn’t particularly evoke motoring, unlike the Little Deuce Coupe’s of yore. The boomy mix doesn’t help at all. The more the song goes on, the more it sounds like T Rex, on a bad day..


Kings Highway is by our James Bay and I thought it might turn out to be the Tom Petty song. I was right. Taken at the same tempo, same instrumentation. This version doesn’t add anything to the song, it’s pretty much a straight copy, even down to the vocal phrasing. Surely this could have been a tad personalised. Have you heard Marty Stuart do Running Down A Dream ?


Truckeroo is a new instrumental from the mighty Brad Paisley and suddenly we are back on it were. Paisley smacks the Telecaster through some fast major chord changes with brisk drumming and a hint of banjo. As ever his dexterity doesn’t even throw him off the tune. Here he does seem in definite Albert Lee mode – fluid, insistent, tuneful and lively ….


Thunder Hollow Breakdown is also by Paisley and also instrumental, with Brad hitting a greasy fuzztone and heavy riffs which would earn him a place in Black Oak Arkansas.  He whacks in a few pinch harmonics amongst the chordal sustain as the band keep up with his twists and turns. It’s almost Jeff Beck-ish at some points. A fine example of fast tumbling dirty guitar links on a growling prowl, settling into a chugging Cars tempo towards the end. Brilliant ! love the false ending, wild !


Glory Days is from Andra Day and has a bluesy chug and sassy female vocal with a hint of Janis Joplin or Beth Hart. A catchy chorus as most Springsteen compositions have. That sure sounds like Robert Randolph on the steel guitar ! But I can’t find a credit in the booklet.


Ride finds Z Z Ward teaming up with Gary Clark Jnr, no less is a fuzzy rocker, handclaps and greasy riff plus backbeat. Does sound right for a driving movie !

As for Gary Clark, this insanely catchy stomper presumably has him doing some of the guitar riffing..I think there’s a video for this cut. At 3 minutes, Clark lets loose on the guitar. A pretty good inclusion.


Drive My Car comes from Jorge Blanco – it’s the Beatles song off the Rubber Soul album of yore. The tempo is about the same but this is more like a Bruno Mars effort.

The flanging works quite well. It’s a good song and it’s not ruined here. Apparently it is not in the actual film (?)


Freeway Of Love is by Lea De Laria – a composition from Jeff Cohen and the great drummer Michael Narada Walden. The horns are strident over the clipped rhythm, the vocal emphatic, chorale and all. A bit Tina Turner-ish in delivery


The album runs under half an hour. I would say the Paisley contributions are essential to his fans. Overall though, it’s a Could Do Better from this listener.


I can’t wait for Driverless Cars, with all music chosen by robots…..


Pete Sargeant


Cars 3 Official Soundtrack (Various Artists) is out now on Disney/Pixar

Cars 3