The Clear – Love Internationale / The Cashier (Double A-Side Single)

(Yellowbrick Records)

Now I came across The Clear a few months ago and I was impressed with their single ‘America’ which we reviewed here:

‘America’ had a pleasant West Coast vibe and you could picture people driving through the desert with the wind in their hair. New offering ‘Love Internationale’ has a soldier drum beat that creates an uneasy feeling. The opening line ‘Wake up and touch the screen’ sets the scene for this song about an online dating agency that comes out in a rocket-ship to rescue your love life.

I like the creativity behind the song in terms of the subject matter simply because it is original concept which is relate-able in the 21st century. Especially with the rise in online dating and the surge of popularity for dating apps and the like.

There is an atmospheric film soundtrack approach and it appears that The Clear are fans of film composer Lalo Schifin (Mission Impossible Bullitt, Amityville Horror).

Unfortunately, it is lyrically too repetitive and I think that restricts the potential of the track as this band are really talented musicians. The second song of this double A-side is ‘The Cashier’ and I can hear that a lot of effort has gone into the song’s story which is as follows: It tells the story of a bank teller, bored of her job, when someone comes in and robs the bank. She decides to run off with them, as she’s been thinking of doing the same for 15 years. They both get caught, but the police think she’s just the hostage, so let her go and so walks away with the money – a classic Woody Allen style bank robbery spoof.

The thing about ‘The Cashier’ is it relays a serious and potentially life-threatening event in quite a jolly musical fashion which gives it a somewhat confusing and quirky edge. The robber explains ‘ I don’t want to leave a mess. I don’t want to see your face.’

The indie guitar riff lets this catchy number flow and the Nouvelle Vague-esque lead vocals suit the song perfectly. In conclusion, I can definitely hear ‘The Cashier’ getting some radio airplay in the future and I respect The Clear for not making the same style of music over and over again. However, I do prefer their earlier release ‘America’ because it really showcases what they are capable of as songwriters and musicians whereas this new single seems more of a modern pop sound as opposed to their chilled out West Coast vibe.

It reminds me of the music video by Maroon 5 for ‘Payphone’ which sees Adam Levine working in a bank and then running away after a robbery. Watch the video here to see if you agree:




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Glenn Sargeant

The Clear’s new double A-side single ‘Love Internationale’ and ‘The Cashier’ will be released on Yellowbrick Records on Friday 11th December 2015. For more information visit:

(Thanks to Kieran White and Molly at Futureproof Promotions for help with this review)