Samantha Fish- 20 Questions

The Kansas guitarist/vocalist/songwriter undertakes one of Pete’s customised question sets and we give her upcoming tourdates below – thanks Samantha!

  • Which song of yours do you find yourself explaining the most?  Why might that be?

I don’t really find myself explaining songs all that often. I feel like people listen to music and apply it to their lives, so maybe that’s why I haven’t had to answer too many questions. Someone did recently ask why do I have a “Wild Heart”, so I thought that was funny. 

  •  Best film intro music?  Who by? Was it better than the actual film?

John Williams has probably written some of the most iconic. I loved the Jurassic Park theme song when I was a kid. He did Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc… You recognize those songs anywhere, so I’d say he’s the best.

  • Favoured stage guitar(s)? Why this choice?

My #1 is my Delaney SF 1 model. That guitar was custom built for me by Delaney and it’s exactly what I need. It’s semi-hollow and has Amalfitano humbucker style pick ups.

  • Is there a book or novel that you would love to be asked to contribute music or a score to ?


I mostly read music biography books, so I couldn’t really write the score better than the people that the books are about. That said… It would be fun to contribute to a Tom Waits score. 

  • Your favourite track on your latest recording? And why?

The new record is called ‘Wild Heart’. I really like how ‘Go Home’ turned out. The gospel harmonies and acoustics, really put that song over the top for me. I like them all really! The rockers were all super fun to record, ‘Wild Heart’, ‘Highway’s Holding Me’,  ‘Bitch on the Run’, etc. 

  • Nominate a favourite live album?  Which cuts should we make a point of hearing?

 Albert Castiglia turned me on to Donny Hathaway’s Live album. I’ve been wearing it out. I love his cover of ‘Jealous Guy’. I also grew up listening to John Hiatt’s Live from Austin, TX album. Then of course Johnny Cash live from Folsom, can’t beat that!

  • What determines your choice of stage attire? Any favoured colours or materials? Do you ever take advice from anyone, if so who?

I just wear what I like. I love sequins, leather, sheer stuff. I like clothes that stand out, I’m sort of a peacock like that. Anything that moves well on stage. As far as advice goes, I’d be a fool not to seek out wisdom from those who have been around and had more life experience. I try to keep my ears as open as possible. 

  • Tell us about a show you attended with low or no great expectations but were glad you attended…..when and where was this ?

When I was recording the ‘Girls with Guitars’ album, our producer, Mike Zito, took us out to see Nick Curran in Berlin. I’d never seen or heard Nick before, but that’s a show that has always stayed with me. His energy and performance were off the charts. 

  • Name three great recordings ( track / artist / source album ) with these words in the title  a/  Night    b/  Rain   c/  Sea 

A/ Nighttime is the right time/ Ray Charles/ Ray Charles in Person

B/ Feels like Rain/ John Hiatt/ Slow Turning

C/ Tommy the Cat/ Primus/ Sailing the SEAs of Cheese 


  • Tell us a great guitar break we may never have heard  –  track / artist / source album please

Hmmm… Tough one. I heard Jack White’s new record, Lazaretto. He’s got a pretty cool solo on High Ball Stepper.


  • The radio is on – what would you cross the room to turn up ? and what would you run across the room to turn off ?   

RL Burnside – up. Recordings of me from the early days – off. 

  •  Can you dance? Do you dance?

How much have I had to drink? Everything is relative. 

  •  Which recordings of yours show you at your most a/ aggressive  and b/ mellow ?

I suppose it depends on the crowd/setting. Anytime I have an electric guitar or a cigar box guitar, we’re going pretty hard. If you see an acoustic, that’s generally the mellowed out portion of the show. 

  • Have you ever watched an entire TV series? Which one? And was the music any good?

‘Eastbound and Down’ and the music was great. Freddie King’s “Going Down” was the intro music. I’m currently watching Game of Thrones which doesn’t have much music to “get down” too. 

  •  Little Milton, Little Richard or Lil’ Wayne?  Say something about each if you wish…

Hmmmm, stature is the only thing they have in common? 

  • Your favourite record label and why? I loved Elektra for its class and range 

Atlantic Records for that same reason. All around range and relevance through the decades. 

  • You get to duet with Steve Tyler on a song neither of you have recorded before…what is that song and who is in the band?

Well since he’s a rocker gone country. We’ll do ‘Jackson’. Band members TBD.. 

  • Name a track by any artist that fades too early for you…

That’s another tough one! I could listen to Jason Isbell’s writing and voice all day, but his songs are all the perfect length! I don’t usually find myself wishing songs were longer. I just play it again if I like it. But if we’re going for broke… maybe they could have tacked a few more minutes onto Freebird? 

  • Best wah wah guitar solo  (barring Voodoo Chile!)

 The theme from ‘Shaft’ (That’s Washington guitar man Skip Pitts through a Maestro Boomerang pedal -PS)

  •  What three things do you aim to achieve in a live performance ?

First and foremost connecting with the audience. Musically, personally, it’s an experience we are having together. Then it’s all about bringing the energy and performing the music to the best of our abilities.

Pete Sargeant

Samantha Fish’s new album ‘Wild Heart’ is released on Ruf Records on Monday 29th June 2015. In addition, Samantha Fish will be touring the UK at the following venues:

Saturday 27th June – Southampton Blues Festival, The Engine Room, Southampton, United Kingdom 

Sunday 28th June- Beaverwood Club, Chiselhurst, United Kingdom

Monday 29th June- Boom Boom Club, Sutton, United Kingdom

Tuesday 30th June- The Iron Road, Evesham, United Kingdom 

For more information visit: