Author: Pete Sargeant

Zialand – Unbridled & Ablaze

This Norwegian singer-songwriter tends to get straight to the heart of the dilemmas and situations she opts to write about. A good case in point is the song Running Cold, about an acquaintance with deep troubles.

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Joan Armatrading – Not Too Far Away

One of our leading and most grounded singer-songwriters returns with a brand-new set of songs. Armatrading remains the illuminator of human dilemmas, the midwife of melodies. Her subject matter never seems to stray too far from the personal, the heartfelt, the relatable.

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Tom Bailey – Science Fiction

A long time a-coming, this one – but now Thompson Twins singer Bailey is releasing this set of songs. Seven Top 40 hits in the UK and USA back in the 80s means Tom can tour on those for the duration but can he still connect with the public via these new efforts?

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