Archie Faulks 

Having previously created music and toured the name Tenterhook, Archie Faulks has returned to the world of music under his own name and sound. We sat down for a chat with him following the release of his new single…

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Could you please tell me about the single ‘It Rains’?

‘It Rains’ is a song about a dying relationship only kept alive by the memory of the start.



Do you have any favoured stage guitars?

My Martyn Dm acoustic called Martin (spelt different) and my Tokai Breezysound.


Please describe your hometown in six words (Also where is your hometown?)

London; bombastic, diverse, large, groovy, funny, unfriendly.

Pick three of your favourite songs with 1) Rain 2)Fire and 3) Earth in the title 

‘Set Fire To The Rain’ – Adele (two birds one stone) and ‘Earth Song’ Michael Jackson (obvious choice)

Where are you planning to tour next?

Hopefully start with a UK tour. India or Japan would be high on my list though. But unfortunately you need an audience to tour and, as of yet, I think my profile is pretty small in those two great nations.

What are you thinking in terms of future releases?

There will be a few singles and then an album next year!

Some people say that you shouldn’t write songs when you are in love? What are your thoughts on this notion?

I think they are wrong. Being in love is the most inspirational feeling one can have. Write songs whenever they come whatever you are feeling; it can’t be too much of a conscious thing I don’t think.

 You get a call from The Script and they ask to record one of your songs? Which song do they record and why?

I would say ‘hands off’ write your own tunes haha

Name a song that makes you laugh (Intentionally or otherwise!)

‘Hello muddah hello fadduh’ by Alan Sherman


What TWO things have you learnt NOT to do onstage?

P*** off the audience and preach religious view points I don’t believe in – belief is key.

Glenn Sargeant


(Many thanks to David at Wilful Publicity and Archie for his answers)

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Archie Faulks’ new single ‘It Rains’ is out now and released independently.

In addition, Archie has announced a headline show on Tuesday 4th September 2018 at Servant Jazz Quarters, London, United Kingdom. Tickets are priced at £7.00 each and are available here:

For more information visit his Facebook page here: