Jack Savoretti – Back Where He Belongs

Singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti is an incredibly busy man with his top ten album ‘Written In Scars’ having spent an incredible 51 weeks in the Official Chart, selling over 120,000 copies in the process, sell-out tours around the world, the release of the deluxe edition and now summer festival appearances on the horizon. However, Jack kindly sat down with JLTT for a brief chat about his career, material and touring. Enjoy…


  • You’ve recently released the deluxe edition of your new album ‘Written In Scars’. The second disc includes live tracks in Rome, Italy. Could you tell me about that show and any highlights from it? Also, for people who are thinking about visiting Rome what would you recommend they do or see?

On the road a lot of fans asked for live tracks they on an album …. They wanted to take a piece of the show home with them and I wanted to capture that and show my gratitude…. To all those Italian fans who have supported me and thank them – it was a nice way to show my appreciation

  • Could you tell me about the track ‘Back Where I Belong’ please?

I’d rather not… I prefer people make their own assessments and to connect for their own story rather than mine…. The lyrics tell their own story…..


  • Who is in your current touring band?

Pedro Vito – lead guitar, John Bird – Bass, Nikolaj Thorpe – Keys, Henry Bowers Broadbent keys, Jesper Lind – Drums

  • Do you have any favoured stage instruments?

Martin 000 for over 10 years and my good companion … recently played a Dani Electro which is becoming a new friend

  • What do you have planned in terms of future releases?

New album coming in the Autumn 2016.

  • Can you suggest two tracks each by any artist that make ideal listening for a) a night in, b) a seaside vacation and c) a long car drive?


Half Moon Run– Narrow Margins

Blake Mills – Don’t tell our Friends about Me


Paul Simon – Graceland

Gypsy Kings – Volare


Lee Fields And The Expressions – Faithfull Man

Max Jury – Beg And Crawl

  • Could you tell me about ‘Other Side Of Love’?

I wanted to make a song about love that love songs don’t usually speak about – the darker more complicated side of love.

Re: Jack Savoretti

Jack Savoretti

  • What was the first live concert/gig you went to? Where was it?

Bob Dylan in Zurich

  • Do you have a favourite venue in the world? If so, which venue, where is it and why?

Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom – Always Makes a Special Occasion

Arena In Verona, Italy – Stunning Location and Atmosphere


  • Name a recording (an album maybe) that really ‘grew’ on you and has ended up as essential listening? What is it about this recording that you value?

Half Moon Run – Full Circle – Brilliant lyrically and delivery of production sooo good…

  • Where are you planning to tour next?

UK Festival Season!!

  • What instruments can you play?

Guitars, keys and drums…

  • Is there a radio DJ (of any era) that you’ve been impressed by?

Chris Evans at BBC Radio 2. Great career throughout plus a great supporter of ours

  • What have you learned NOT to do on stage?

I can tell you what I have learnt – be gracious and appreciative of your fans and ignore those that aren’t listening….

  • It has been said that you shouldn’t write songs when you’re in love ..what are your thoughts on this notion?

Some of the best songs are written when in love…

  •  Paul Simon or Carly Simon? (Feel free to say something about each)

Paul Simon – always pushed the boundaries of rhythm and groove… never stuck to one genre of music which I love ….

Glenn Sargeant

Jack Savoretti’s Deluxe Edition of ‘Written In Scars’ is out now on BMG. In addition, Jack Savoretti will be touring the UK festival circuit in summer 2016 and will also headline Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom on Wednesday 9th November 2016. For tickets and more information visit Jack Savoretti’s offiical website here: http://bit.ly/1S9DGey

Jack Savoretti Photos Credit: Rebecca Miller

(Many thanks to Jack for taking part and Millie Tennant at MBC PR for helping with this piece and for her ongoing support)