Chris Sharpe at Lost In The Manor on Blogtober

Just Listen To This will be presenting our own night of new live music at The Finsbury Pub in London on Friday 21st October 2016 for #Blogtober which is organised by Lost In The Manor and will run for the whole month of October. 

We sat down and asked Lost In The Manor’s Chris Sharpe about #Blogtober Festival, the company Lost In The Manor and the first gig he went to. Enjoy…

Marco van Rooijen

When did the company Lost In The Manor start and where were you/are you based?

I used to be part of a team called, we built a crazy website in which bands could apply to play for slots. We did this before even the smart phones came out and we almost got major investment. Basically, it never happened with the investment and after 6 years we split 4 ways. I then went to Manor house to take over the venue’s calendar on my own and I never even knew where Manor House was and nor did anyone else. Lost in the Manor made sense as new name….This was around 4 years ago.

One of the artists on your roster is Cocoa Futures. When and how did you first come across them and what plans have you got for the new EP release e.g. live shows, press coverage etc.? 

Greg Sanderson aka ‘Cocoa Futures’ is now a long term friend and also the first band that gave us a shot at PR. He’s been hibernating for around 2 years recording and yes there is an EP out on Dec 2nd and a launch at Sebright Arms Dec 3rd

How many people work at Lost In The Manor and what are their roles?

There is 4 in total.
Chris, Nick, Giedre, Tim and Chaz.
Chris – I head up the bookings, PR and Label and I;m also one of the founder of the company.
Nick – Nick co-runs Lost in the Manor with me and also writes all the amazing press release for PR and a lot of blog reviews on Lost in the Manor.
Giedre – Giedre books bands, runs PR and helps on just about everything.
Tim – Tim is our new head of reviews on Lost in the Manor
Chaz – Chaz reps show and also helps us with PR research.


A key part of Lost In The Manor’s 2016 schedule is the event #Blogtober which is taking place in October 2016. Could you please tell us about the following:

– How the idea came about – I just had a few too many beers and it just popped into my head. It just made sense to do something different.
– The ethos of Blogtober – The ethos is to make a festival that works for everyone involved. So many acts and bloggers just don’t get the exposure they need.
– Where and when it is taking place
Throughout all of October at the Finsbury, N4 1BY, gigs everyday!
– Who is taking part in the events e.g. websites, blogs, artists
So many to name but a few big guns below. The rest you can keep an eye on here –
Blogs – to name a few Clash, Indie Shuffle, Line of Best Fit.
Bands – to name a few headlines – Zola Blood, The Fin. August & After, 3x Secret Headlines, Thoss, Hollie Stephenson of course.

– How can people get tickets for the shows

Via our website here or Billetto/The Finsbury –

Can anyone at Lost In The Manor play any instruments? If so, who is it and what can they play?

We all can play. Nick actually plays in Cocoa Futures on Bass. I’m pretty rubbish at Guitar, just so out of practice. Chaz plays keys and guitar. Giedre plays a nuts instrument called a kankles (Click here), Tim plays guitar I think.

What is your favourite thing about London? (Please give reasons)

It’s just a cool melting pot for music. You can go out any night of the week to see bands and also play. If your band gets organised it’s also the best place to be seen by the industry. Everyday is a Saturday if you want it to be.

Who else are Lost In The Manor working with and in what capacity?

We work with agents, managers, venues mainly for booking shows along with some great bands on PR.

What advice do you have for people who are thinking about forming their own companies/brands like you have done?

Hard question to answer, we have been doing this for ages and have ended up dabbling in many pies to make things work. If I was starting fresh and wanted to be a booking agent I’d suggest get an internship, be keen and work your way up.

What do you think is/are the biggest challenge/s for concert promoters in 2016? How do you think they can be combated?

I don’t think running gigs is a problem as long as the communication between acts and promoters are explained before the gigs agreed. We try to treat bands that are new very fairly.
What was the first live concert/gig you went to? Where was it?
I went to see Magnum with my mum and dad at the Portsmouth Guildhall when I was 6.

Pete Sargeant

Just Listen To This will present their own #Blogtober evening on Friday 21st October 2016 at The Finsbury Pub in London, United Kingdom. Our lineup includes Hollie Stephenson, The Dave Hanson Band and The Tom Browne Band. For more information visit our official announcement here:

For more information on Lost In The Manor visit their site here:

(Many thanks to Chris for taking the time to do this, the whole team at Lost In The Manor, Glenn Sargeant and Kieran White)