Stevie King – Young Man’s Blues

He’s 21, he loves his music, he is aiming at the top. Here, Just Listen To This pitches a hatful of questions to this young artist. Although we cannot share Stevie’s love of Bono, we can share his responses, to create a picture of what makes this player tick. Thank you Stevie! 

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Some  fine pieces of music have been used over the opening titles of films – do you have a favourite?  (Artist/Title/Film in which used )

Dire Straits/ Money for Nothing/ Kingsman. It made the film intense from the very beginning.  

Which of your own compositions &/or recordings come closest to (or indeed are) jazz? 

A song called California has a bit of jazz influence.

Please describe the place you live in, in four words Happy, calm, dynamic, beautiful

Could you nominate for us two recordings (Artist/Title) that make sense as night time listening and two that make sense as daytime listening?  

Night Time:

Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd. Immersive & enchanting.

Crystalized – The XX


Latch – Disclosure. Great song for motivation.

Young – Valis Alps. Great song for relaxing.  

Do you own a Blue Car? What’s the song about?

Yes I do. It is about a hypothetical scenario on a kid that is abusing substances and experiencing intense anxiety with the need to get back to his past self.  

Best follow-up/second single of all time?  Any genre of music, any era

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns and Roses. Due to the great success of the first single, this song made this album the best-selling debut album in music history.

It has been said that you shouldn’t write songs when you’re in love ..what are your thoughts on this notion?

Well it depends the type of song you want to write. If it is a love song it can be really inspiring.

You have spent time in a Floyd covers group  –  was this a Community Service punishment? No seriously, which was the song that made you happiest to perform?

It wasn’t. It was a great experience. My favourite song to perform was Comfortably Numb. We did a charity concert in my home town that sold significantly and all of the returns were donated to charity. It was a great experience.  

Have you ever in your life/would you ever take part in a song or singing contest?  

Yes, in my hometown my band and I won 5 school battle of the bands. I remember we played Time by Pink Floyd and that song was so powerful that we won the contest.  

Devo, Bono or Haribo?  Any reasons for your favourite?

Bono, simply the best. His vocals are so powerful and his lyrics are so sincere that it is very hard for other singers to compete with Bono.

The radio is playing…what song would you cross the room to turn UP and ALSO what song would you cross the room to turn OFF?

UP: Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders

Down: Despacito – Daddy Yankee

The third track on an album is often a gem  – can you think of any?  (Artist/Title/Source Album) – as many as you like!!!

  • Another Brick in the Wall / Pink Floyd / The Wall
  • The Battle of Evermore – Led Zeppelin

Name a song or instrumental that fades too early, for you (Artist/Title)

Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits. I would let the solo continue as it keeps the audiences engaged.

Suggest two or three great drum intro’s to songs or instrumentals (any genre)  

My Sharona – The Knacks

Heavy Fuel – Dire Straits

Seconds – U2

Name a TV series where the theme music was better than the actual shows and do you know who created or recorded it?  

CSI, The Who played “Who Are You”. I never watched CSI after the first episode. The track was the only thing I loved.  

A recording that makes you laugh ….intentionally or otherwise! (Artist/Track/Source Album)  

There is a song by Pink Floyd from the album Ummagumma called “Several Species of Small Furry Animals” It is a crazy song, definitely worth a laugh.


Name an album or a couple of albums where the cover or artwork could have been better, in your humble opinion….give any thoughts around this

Pink Floyd – The Final Cut

Rolling Stones – Out of Our Heads

U2 – Joshua Tree

Eric Clapton – One Night  


An acoustic gem?  What song/tune and who by? What’s the appeal?  

Hotel California from Hell Freezes Over performed by The Eagles is an acoustic masterpiece. The guitar intro is so precise it allows listeners to completely immerse on a new experience of a wonderful song.  

Best 2nd or follow up album of all time? And why? (I love The Doors ‘Strange Days’)

Led Zeppelin – ll demonstrated the potential of the band with its powerful vocals and exquisite guitars.

Where are you planning to tour next?

Hopefully, London. I will also be playing a few shows at my home town in Ecuador in December.  

Which artist did you go to see perform with low expectations but ended up impressed? Where and when was this?

Parov Stelar, Alexandra Palace London. The mixture of wind instruments and DJ mixes made it a different yet impressive show.  

Where in the world in your opinion is live music best received? What venues appeal? London, LA, NYC

Wembley Stadium (London)

Madison Square Garden (New York)

Hollywood Bowl (Los Angeles)  

Has  a radio DJ anywhere (and any era) ever impressed you and if so why?

 I like Calvin Harris as he mixes a variety of genres when producing a track. His new song Feels demonstrate his musical abilities and potential.  

Name a recording (an album maybe) that really ‘grew’ on you and has ended up as essential listening?   What is it about this recording that you value?  

Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd. I value the musicality, production and concept that made this album a top 1 for 14 years.

 Everytime I get a ‘Best Of…’ of anybody, there’s a song or two missing that I wish had been included….can you think of an instance of this? What  are the missing items that you would like to have seen included?

In the album “Best of Fleetwood Mac” I would include the song Red Rover, even though it was not a commercial song, it demonstrates the quality of its musicians.

Two or three songs with great actual endings (not fades) by The Who or The Beatles?  Or both acts!

The Beatles – The End The Beatles- Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Is there a book or novel that you would like to create songs or the score for? Why is this?

I would love to write the score for the movie IT. I would love to right some music for a horror movie. Only instrumental of course.

Peter Gabriel and Lorde record a song together  – suggest a song (by any writer or act) and who you would select to be in the band  

Fragile (Acoustic) – Sting Bass; Pino Paladino, Guitar: Eric Clapton

Did you enjoy school? Whether you did or not, which song reminds you of schooldays (Artist/Title/Source album)?

The song that most reminds me of my school days is Bonzo Goes To Pittsburgh by The Ramones. That made me have fun during those years.

Pete Sargeant

Stevie King


(Thanks to Stevie for his answers and to Cat)

Stevie King’s new single ‘Blue Car’ is out now. 

You can watch the official music video in this article.

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