Jonny Lang Band
Thursday 3rd October 2013
The Borderline, London, United Kingdom
‘Y’know..’ splutters RoadHouse guitar ace Danny Gwilym after this show ‘ I have never seen ANYbody put SO much into a performance..’ and he’s not alone in being knocked out by this musician and his band. Jonny takes the stage dead on eight and turns from rather shy and polite lad into rock/blues/gospel super-being and without even running into a phone booth to transform himself.
Tearing riffs from his Tele or his Les Paul and without a plectrum, Lang pours his soul into his vocals and blazing fretwork. with his husky roar of a voice sailing over the uber-funk ensemble. Jonny, they DO sound like a cross between WonderLove and the astonishing crew on ‘Donny Hathaway Live’. The latter is a favoured album of several of his players, as they confess in the dressing room later. It is more of a greatest hits plus new items set than an out&out presentation of the latest album material. But after current single ‘Blew Up’ is given a sparky airing many fans head straight for the merchandise to snap up the new collection.
‘Turn Around’ is impassioned, ‘Red Light’ scorching, ‘Angel of Mercy’ heartwrenching, ‘Living For The City’ an extended triumph and Jonny’s solo ’40 Days’ a fine nod to Muddy. ‘Lie To Me’ starts tenderly than explodes. No wonder he is back in the UK pretty soon.
Pete Sargeant
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