Druv Kent ‘Long When We’re Gone’ Music Video Premiere.

It is for his new single which is taken from his debut album ‘About Time’ coming out later this year.  

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Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Druv Kent is back with a new single ‘Long When We’re Gone’, set for release via his own record label distributed by Horus Music UK on Friday 7th July 2017.


Recorded at Rockfield Studios – the renowned Welsh recording studios where Oasis recorded their #1 album ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’ – the single sees award-winning Greg Haver adding his warm production, drums and percussion to former Mel C collaborator Andy Taylor guitars, longtime Chris De Burgh music director Nige Hopkins’ keyboards and Thunder’s Chris Childs bass.


Talking about the track, Druv explains “it is about realizing the beauty in the simplest things that surround us in a world that spins so fast and in a life increasingly driven by technology and the digital world.”


Powerfully visually depicted by accompanying visuals by TED Fellows filmmaker Puneet Rakheja capturing B&W frames of the sometimes mundane and ordinary – but always poignant – daily life routines through a sepia-style lens, using visual distortion to obliquely focus on the busyness of our lives.


You can watch the official music video for ‘Long When We’re Gone’ here: https://youtu.be/RDTyFT9h6fc




Pete was able to sit down with Druv Kent for an exclusive chat and you can read his responses here:


Please identify your original home town in India and then describe it for us in five words….what stays with you from these earliest days?


My hometown is Kolkata (previously Calcutta). Warm, real, cultured, simple, romantic (why not)


Which musical instruments do you play? Any stage work favourites/reliables?


I grew up a drummer-singer. I compose on the keyboard and guitar. I play a Taylor acoustic guitar onstage. But, my voice is my main instrument.


Which cinema film has the best introductory music and why?


Quentin Tarantino films use music the best. They are solidly part of the plot, with the volume on 11. But, a recent HBO TV show I saw has the best intro music, it’s called ‘Big Little Lies’ and the intro song is by Michael Kiwanuka called ‘Cold Little Heart’. It transports you to a space which is perfect – and that’s what the best music does.


You get to duet on a recording with Lorde – which song do you suggest for the project? and what sort of arrangement / tempo would you go for?


A new song I am just completing called ‘In Your Name’. It’s a mid-tempo, moody and intense song about the political climate we are living in. I think Lorde could hit it out of the park!


Name a great record – any artist, any genre – with a great keyboard intro…and is there anything else you like about the recording?


The classics, Riders on The Storm by the Doors, Black Coffee in Bed by the Squeeze, Superstitious by Stevie Wonder. Each time the mood is set – whether it’s dark and mysterious, or slightly fun, or a groove that’s going to hit you between the eyes.


What stage attire and colours do you favour?  Anything you avoid?


I try and wear what I would when I go out – something comfortable. Usually dark t-shirts and jeans. I usually have my favourite beads on – something I collect and change around depending on the mood.


Is there an album you can listen to all the way through in its intended sequence? (Artist/Album)


Almost any Beatles albums, in particular Rubber Soul, Sgt Peppers, Abbey Road, and White Album (album 1).


Can you dance? Do your relatives think you can dance?


I dance a lot better when you’re drunk. And am seriously good when I’m drunk.


Which artist did you perhaps go to or happen to see without any great enthusiasm, but found that they impressed you? And why?


Almost any roadside busker (in a big city) will surprise me! There will be a moment in their routine when you are – like, wow! This is great! Music always makes you humble. – especially when you can recognize beauty coming out of the unlikeliest of places.


Two free tickets arrive for a concert – who would be on your wishlist (that you have not seen before!)…..and choose an opening act, too


The two greats I missed are Michael Jackson and George Michael. That would be a dream ticket. Out of the more real – living – choices, a Pink Floyd reunion would be a genuine musical milestone for me. And to open for them would be Coldplay.


When composing do the lyrics arrive before the melody/chords?


Melodies are plenty. It’s when it attaches itself accurately to a feeling that resonates deep within you – and you can find an expression to capture it – that’s when you have your song. From there on, the rest of the song fills itself … kind of.


The radio is playing – what song would make you go over and turn up the volume? And which song would you run to turn OFF??


I love the grooves of Daft Punk, Timbaland, David Guetta, the Weeknd. It needn’t be fast, but they know how to capture a rhythm. Turn offs are what I call “pop trash”. If they are singing to a formula, it shows. I don’t care how many hits they have, it doesn’t get me going.


When putting your video for Long When We’re Gone which were the things you wanted to stress or feature heavily? Who helped you attain this?


The song is a reflective song about appreciating the simple joys – which we tend to not do enough. We are so stressed and easily distracted by so much. Puneet Rakheja, the video director, is a creative genius. We were spitballing how to capture the essence of the song without being preachy and he emerged with this idea of how we can collect simple video clips and create a montage of daily events that say what we need to say – and do it with a range of characters. After all, this is not about one or two of us, it’s really about us as a community. He then added a sepia-toning to the edit to give this a kind of nostalgic feel, which works very well with the retro groove and feel of the track.


Name your favourite David Bowie song – why do you rate it?


Space Oddity is probably my favourite, followed by Let’s Dance. Space O is such a strange, acoustic, John Lennon-esque A Day In The Life type of take that I love it. Let’s Dance is the groove.


Name two albums by any artists that impress you with their artwork


Artwork is going back in time. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, and Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms. Iconic, bold, minimalist.


Which recording by any artist, any genre makes – in your opinion – best use of a horn arrangement


Amy Winehouse’s music – particularly with Mark Ronson – was amazing in this regard. Bluesy, jazzy, and yet pop. Superb!


Mark Ronson offers to play electric guitar on one of your recordings – which ‘own’ song or chosen song do you go for?


Haha I just said Mark Ronson’s name. Is that weird or what!   I would always go for one of mine. I think it may be Long When We’re Gone. It’s got a real groove and if you slow it down a tad, it still works.


Have you ever gone the Talent Show route? Even locally?  – What was the result?


Never. I’m a songwriter first. I have, however, done a Bollywood song! That was an interesting journey in itself ….


Name a recording – any artist, any genre – that fades away too soon for you

I need to hear more Michael Jackson and George Michael in my life. That would be additive to the world.


Is there a book or novel that Druv Kent would like to create a film score for?


It needs to be a work of fiction. Probably a love story that is about someone chasing their dreams, against the odds. Think LA LA Land, but without the jazz and showtunes. Maybe even a political struggle to come … maybe that book is yet to be written.


Thanks Druv.


Thanks Pete.


Pete Sargeant


(Many thanks to Druv and Ben and all of the team at Impressive PR for help with this article)

Druv Kent releases new single ‘Long When We’re Gone’, set for release via his own record label distributed by Horus Music UK on Friday 7th July 2017.

For more information visit his official website here: http://www.druvkent.com/

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