International Women’s Day Announces 2017 Anthem. They have selected ‘Come On’ by LA band The Longing.

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 The theme for International Women’s Day 2017 is Be Bold For Change – a message personified completely by Laura Bradley from The Longing – whose new single, ‘Come On’ has been selected as the anthem for this year’s International Women’s Day.
Released officially on 24 March, ‘Come On’ yells with confidence, and the video was shot specifically to show that women are strong and bold enough to combat anything. With previous singles scooping countless radio airplay in the UK and 18 countries worldwide, plus UK Record of the Week, as well as numerous TV and movie slots including MTV, The Cannes Film Festival and a score for William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, The Longing are a force to be reckoned with and their sound for 2017 surpasses anything they’ve delivered musically to date.
‘Come On’ sees Laura taking on the world, boldly standing strong and facing all that life throws at her with a fist-full of confidence in her punch. This is a spectacularly gritty prog-metal-rock track, laced with deliciously crystalline vocals, which catapults confidence onto the next level. A musical battle where instruments are the swords and Laura’s divine high-pitched vocals are the battle cry. Undergoing a massive questioning of faith in the universe following a string of catastrophic events in her personal life and in the world in general, Laura was seriously putting God to task. The song depicts a goading of the greater beings above to ‘come on, bring it on, I want answers for everything you’re throwing at us’.
“It’s a fabulous song to sing, such a performance, almost a progressive metal prayer. I feel so good after singing this song. That’s why it’s the ultimate song for International Women’s Day 2017, I want women to experience the spirit of this song and empower themselves. Strength comes from within – all of us girls can do it,” comments Laura.
Laura constantly delves into the depths of emotion, fantastically bringing her listener on a musical journey as she addresses difficult subjects through her lyrics. Every word is a diamond, sparkling in the listeners’ mind and ‘Come On’ is a vibrant wake-up call, which demands everyone takes notice. Founded by LA based musician/singer/composer, Laura Bradley, The Longing are a 5-piece band who transcend over-simplistic genre categorisation, as they hover gloriously over the void between raw progressive metal and rock. Bradley has the ability to harness the power of her trademark angelic vocals, unleashing her voice with the spectral force of an emotional whiplash – that’s what instantly brings audiences to a standstill.
Fuse this with Bradley’s impeccable poetic lyrics and compositional style, which injects a jagged, rhythm-driven musical perspective, and you begin to experience the energy igniting the ever-snowballing fanbase of The Longing. The band consists of guitarists John Huldt and Sean Maier, bassist Michael Wallace and drummer, Tom Plumb – all formally trained, seasoned session and touring musicians with numerous high-profile production and engineering credits.
‘Come On’ is the first of a string of singles to hit the UK this year, ahead of a fresh new album scheduled for the Autumn. With such a dynamic, unique sound and an infinity of diverse stories woven into the fabric of their explosive melodies, The Longing are a much welcomed asset to the UK music scene. Be bold -bBring it on!
Glenn Sargeant
(Many thanks to Sam G for help with this announcement)
The single, ‘Come On’ is released on Filthy Princess Records on Friday 24th March 2017.  International Women’s Day is on Wednesday 8th March 2017 and the theme is Be Bold For Change.  For more information about The Longing visit the following links:

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