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For music to continue being available to the masses we need to welcome fresh, exciting and new artists and bands with open arms no matter the gender, race, genre or style. Yes we may not all like the same thing but that is what makes people unique and not generic robots.
One band who have appeared on my radar is a male five-piece from South Wales, United Kingdom called Maddison. The band consists of James (guitar, vocals), Pete (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Benj (bass, backing vocals) Aled (keyboards) and Rob (drums, backing vocals).

Lead singer James explains the idea behind Maddison – “Maddison is the culmination of several years of ups and downs – the heartache I have experienced. Darkness appears for many reasons; people who live with it understand that dark feelings do not discriminate with age, background, wealth or looks.


Much of the inspiration for my music comes from my late brother Alan. Song writing really allowed me to connect with his mentality and realise how terribly sad he was. I believe he felt alone, not wanting to confide in or burden anyone with his sadness.

Being able to immerse myself in song writing has been my salvation; it has brought me finally into the world where I can be myself. In music I have found an outlet for my thoughts and for the first time ever I am managing to come to terms with the last 12 years of my life and plan my future. Doing this has given me the confidence I lost, allowed me to realise that I must not push people away, that I am worthy and that the worst is not always going to happen. 

To everyone else who has not experienced depression please notice your family, friends and colleagues and be there for them. Some signs might be obvious, some not so. Please be available and care.”

Although people will cite similarities to Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age in the band’s sound, James also enjoys the music of Offspring (Offspring’s ‘Ignition’ was the first album he ever purchased) and David Gilmour.

With a debut album entitled ‘The Dark’ already under their belt, Maddison release their new EP ‘Recovery’ on Friday 15th June 2018 which includes ‘Sinking Like A Stone’.

” ‘Sinking Like A Stone’ really packs a punch with its anthemic chorus and the song is perfect for an outdoor festival set.  Rob’s drumming combined with Benj’s fluid bass helps put some meat on the music bones. James’s lead vocal is passionate and clear which is welcome as another band might have opted for intense guitar which drowns out the vocals. Aled’s keyboard tone never overplays but opts for light runs. A promising taster for ‘Recovery’ with hopefully some live shows to follow.” – Glenn Sargeant Just Listen 

Glenn Sargeant 

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Maddison’s new EP ‘Recovery’ is released on Friday 15th June 2018 and you can pre-order it here:

You can also watch the official music video for ‘Sinking Like A Stone’ in this article.

For more information visit the band’s official website here:

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