K-Syran Announces FACEPEACE Event. 

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Quite how singer and actress K-Syran finds time for all her projects is beyond us. Between writing plays, composing and recording songs and flitting between Norway, Sweden, Britain , New York and elsewhere our lass has been working on what you may think is much needed Peace initiative in the form of a WebCast from West London on Thursday 21st September..and she won’t be resting afterwards as a new album is close to release……

FACEPEACE takes places at Metropolis Studios, London, United Kingdom on Thursday 21st September 2017 at 8.00pm (GMT). You can watch live and get involved at www.facebook.com/ksyranmusic


FacePeace aims to make peace relevant to all by delivering the message in a language we all understand – which his music.  When we sing, peace fills our hearts and K-Syran believes that if we all sung a little more, it would repair many quarrels.
That’s why she’s staging FacePeace, a live online webcast of music, chat and interaction for the whole world to join.
 Discussing FACEPEACE, K-Syran explained the reason for the event:
We want to make Peace sexy!
War and weapons are looked upon as sexy! 
We want to reach everyone and make them see that Peace is sexy! Through music and art one can reach everyone, and together we can make a change.
The whole point of this event is to make everyone feel that they personally can be involved and help towards peace.
There will be amazing speakers like Madeleine Rees OBE, they made the movie Whistleblower because of her, her story!
Activist Ifrah Ahmed is flying in from Somalia , they are shooting a blockbuster of her life this autumn with Hollywood actress Aja Naomi King playing her!
There will be a famous British politician! Syrian peace lawyer!
So many amazing people!
Getting very excited!!!
Thank you so much for helping, I’m so very grateful 
Pete Sargeant

(Thanks to Sam and K-Syran for help with this announcement)

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