Max George Releases Debut Single

John Hooper

When a pop outfit goes on hiatus or go their separate ways entirely (amicably or otherwise) what follows is a slew of solo music projects, reality television appearances, stints in musical theatre and a variety of business ventures/investments from the group’s members. One example is The Wanted who at the height of their success packed arenas around the UK and further afield alongside a bucketful of hits. Max George has now thrown his hat into the solo artist ring with a brand new single…

Max George is back and ready to launch his solo career with the infectious summer anthem ‘Barcelona’, out now and available everywhere via his own label SilverMAX.

The eagerly anticipated single is written and produced alongside BRIT Awards British Producer of the Year 2018 Steve Mac (Ed Sheeran) and Ed Drewett (One Direction) and is a bouncy slice of summer pop destined to soundtrack those long days on the beach that turn into nights!

You can watch the music video featuring professional surfer, model and influencer Laura Crane in this article.

“I’ve worked with a lot of amazing writers, some from The Wanted days, and I feel like I’ve settled in to a sound,” says Max. “It’s not a million miles away from what I’ve done before, but it’s fresher and sharper, sometimes more stripped back, maybe more experimental.”

As a member of The Wanted – or rather, the member of The Wanted, as their fans decreed – Max spent five years topping the charts, touring the world and sparring with 1D for awards. In Britain, three Top 10 albums, two of them platinum, spawned over a dozen hit singles. In the States, the quintet broke through with the 4x platinum, Top 3 single Glad You Came, then the best-selling song by a boy band in the digital era. Worldwide the band has over 700 million views on YouTube. Since then Max has been writing consistently and starred in the final season of Glee.

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(Many thanks to Henry Evans Harding at MBC PR for help with this announcement)

Feature Image Photo Credit: John Hooper

Max George’s new single ‘Barcelona’ is out now and available everywhere via his own label SilverMAX.