Mick Brown & Mauro Dirago Premiere New Video. Mauro Dirago – one of the team behind the globally successful Elvis Royal Philharmonic Orchestra albums – enlists the help of Capital Radio DJ, Mick Brown, for release of his new single. 

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UK singer/songwriter/producer, Mauro Dirago, is proof that miracles do happen.  His unique charisma brought him close to Priscilla Presley, a friendship which led to the production of Elvis’ recently re-imagined Royal Philharmonic Orchestra albums.  The same determination also captured the attention of Capital Radio DJ Mick Brown in the ‘90s, leading to an instant signing with the then mammoth PWL Records.  Now a quarter of a century on, Mauro Dirago rewinds history as he re-recruits Mick Brown for the launch of his new single ‘Heartbreaker’ on Friday 3rd March; followed by the release of his debut album ‘Rewind’ on Friday 5th May 2017.

 Heartbreaker’ delivers an ironic tip-of-the-hat to the industry giants who enabled his pop career as a teen, as Mauro casts Mick Brown in the starring role of the new video (a thanks to Mick for making his first song ‘Who’s Gonna Love Me When You’re Gone’ a hit).  Harking back to that time when good honest, uplifting pop melodies were a must, ‘Heartbreaker’ is a catchy pop track with strong echoes of the delicious era of Motown; an instant radio-friendly hit, with a quirky tongue-in-cheek video that aims to put a smile on our faces.

 Mauro Dirago is an industry stalwart.  Constantly present, smartly considered and timing impeccably measured.  When Mauro makes a manoeuvre in the industry it’s because he knows the time is right; and the results are ground breaking.  Since releasing his debut track on PWL Records over 25 years ago, Mauro has been making great music as a producer, keeping his performing ability out of the limelight. 

But now the time is right for Mauro Dirago the ‘artist’ to step up with a sound that’s fresh and relevant for today’s audiences.  With his debut star-studded album scheduled for release in May 2017 and the instant melodic hooks of the single ‘Heartbreaker’ making it one of those ‘stick in your head’ songs – Mauro Dirago is set for a big year in 2017.

“The video for Heartbreaker is a neat slice of retro presentation, sandwiched by DJ Mick Brown – something of a celebrity down in these parts for his steady DJ’ing career across many styles from Gypsy Kings to Marvin Gaye AND his consistent support for charities and good causes – at a Big M radio showcase event and based around a brisk MoTown beat, Mauro’s intimate and a tad husky vocal delivery and chorus parts that are decidedly more Philadelphia International in style.
Why is that bass player trying to disguise himself with a white walrus moustache? it’s not as if this is a Bieber track! Some neat doubled-guitar figures seep in here and there – not often enough – and firm up the coda. So.a neat plea in song form that may appeal to those addicted to Hall & Oates or Malcolm McDonald and it’s an insistent pleasant listen not really building up to anything, however. No doubt when payed live it can drop back to snare only and rebuild for some dynamic edge. There was an era in the Sixties when the British beat groups seized upon import soul 45s to create versions..remember The Hollies breeze through Doris Troy’s Just One Look ? ..and overall this effort reminds me of that time and approach.” – Pete Sargeant Just Listen To This
Pete Sargeant

You can watch Mauro Dirago’s ‘Heartbreaker’ video feat. Mick Brown here: https://youtu.be/mpn2IrLvnWY

The single ‘Heartbreaker’ is released on Friday 3rd March 2017 on Bright Star Records. 

For more information visit Mauro Dirago’s official website here: http://bit.ly/2jV4IOY

(Many thanks to Sam Giannini for supplying the photos and helping us with this announcement) 

Mauro Dirago