Rupert Stroud World Premiere of New Music Video.

The track is entitled ‘Heart & Soul’ and is taken from his new EP.

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Rupert Stroud – a unique British singer/songwriter whose outstanding beat-driven sound has seen him share a live stage with the likes of Texas, James Blunt, JP Cooper and Little Comets.


He reached #11 in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart with his last EP.


Now the Yorkshire boy is back with probably his best work to date as he releases his new single  ‘Heart & Soul’ on Friday 28th July 2017.


As an ambassador for Alzheimer’s Research UK, Rupert is also a well-known media campaigning voice, appearing to over 200 million people through an Al Jazeera International News broadcast on ‘Inside Story’, as well as featuring in The Guardian.  A voice of campaigning substance, a heart that shines with hope and a lyrical and vocal ability that’s so unique it moves mountains – Rupert Stroud is back with his best sound ever!


“The track starts with a steady clipped guitar rhythm pumped out by Stroud on a Gretsch and with a melody evoking Radiohead – High & Dry, in particular – but shot through with liveliness. A quasi-flute synth line hovers overhead. The bridge is emphatic, hinting at more power in reserve. There is an American tinge to some of Rupert’s lyric delivery especially his reference to a ‘high line’ , but a Transatlantic element never hurt the likes of The Cars or Duran Duran. If our man has more material like this ready to launch then we might just have a young artist following in the strong melodic pop tradition of Neil Diamond, David McWilliams and Andrew Gold, here.  But let’s hope the flickering graphics overlaid on the visuals in the video are not The Terminator lining Stroud up for violent obliteration…  it’s certainly a number we are very pleased to bring you as a site premiere, cheers Rupert.” – Pete Sargeant Just Listen To This


You can watch the world premiere of the ‘Heart & Soul’ music video here:

Pete Sargeant


(Many thanks to Rupert and Sam G)

Rupert Stroud’s new EP ‘Heart & Soul’ is released on Xidus Music on Friday 4th August 2017.

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