Masked Danish electronica masters Silent Riders will release their self- titled debut album in the UK on the Friday 24th February 2017.

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This Copenhagen-based trio seemed to have sprung from some murky unknown world, if we are to believe the statements of the band themselves. Little is known about Lu, Gee and C who comprise the group, or what is behind the masks they wear during their performances. They might have materialized from shadows in the woods, lurking in the dark until they were ready to share their sounds with the world. This mythical sphere that they have created for themselves is accessible through their music, which is a vision of electronic music that is organic and alive with both warmth and danger. 

Led by the sultry voice of Lu, we are taken into the dark woods of the Silent Riders with almost cinematic brilliance as Gee and C mans the machines that weaves the atmospheric dronings of this world. A world that could be easily mistaken for one created by David Lynch or Tim Burton. The rhythms that form the path to this domain have been tried and tested by previous travellers, known to us by names like Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire or Tolouse Lowtrax. 

With the opening track “I See You” they offer up a brilliant pop diamond of all the elements of their sound palette. With Lu in her most soulful voice, bouncing off of an almost funky drum machine, all drenched in layers of dark analog ambience. On the lush “Copenhagen Dream” we hear Lu channeling a sense of brit-pop nonchalance into a rather political song about the current state of her city. “Being Afraid” on the other hand, sees the band pull out their hardest and grittiest song. With Lu sounding like PJ Harvey at her most moody, the slow groove behind her sounds like a factory machine steadily beating away and releasing steam.  Other highlights include the chilling “Static” and the ethereal beauty of closing track “Falling” which sees the Riders in their most relaxed and dreamy state, and echoes the works of Portishead and Massive Attack.

“The Silent Riders new single ‘I See You’ is an incredibly eerie electronic trip and is lyrically dark, similar to The Police’s ‘I’ll Be Watching You’. The vocals are breathy and tense and whilst it would fit perfectly in a gothic film or television series set in some abandoned woods, I found it very uncomfortable to listen to and musically cold and sterile.” – Glenn Sargeant Just Listen To This

Glenn Sargeant

Silent Riders self-titled debut album is released by Music For Dreams label in the UK  on Friday 24th February 2017.  (Many thanks to Terry Emm at Cannonball PR for help with this announcement)
Silent Riders