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Baron are a rock quartet based in Brighton and Nottingham in the United Kingdom. They are following up their debut album release ‘Columns’ (2013) with their latest work ‘Torpor’ (2015). The opening track ‘Dragonfly’ has a hypnotic drum beat and the rich vocals make me think of Jefferson Airplane and their psychedelic dream-like songs.

It seems that Baron wanted to link the rural British landscapes with mythology that was passed from storyteller to story teller. The electric guitar on ‘Mark Maker’ weaves in and out beautifully and it sounds like they brought in Neil Young to lay down some vocals on the recording!

Interestingly, this album was recorded in at recorded at Purton Green, one of the last surviving medieval halls in the UK and I can hear that they have opted for instruments such as organ, acoustic guitar and occasionally some recorder. However, it is the way they convey mood with their instruments which really makes ‘Torpor’ stand out.

‘Wild Cry’ seemed a little bit on the repetitive side for me personally and ‘Stry’ is a peaceful number with Wolf People’s Joe Hollick on guitar. ‘Deeper Align’ sees a change of pace as the bass and drums drive the track and the subtle cymbals create an airy sound.

Closing track ‘Albedo Dei’ has an eerie intro and it does have some presence but it didn’t really seem to go anywhere I felt, which for me was a shame because I had really enjoyed its predecessors. In conclusion, if you enjoy the music of the aforementioned Jefferson Airplane or Ritchie Blackmore’s Blackmore’s Night then give Baron a listen as they are technically skilled players who are being original with their sound.

Glenn Sargeant

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Baron’s new album ‘Torpor’ will be released by Svart Records on Friday 6th November 2015 for vinyl and Friday 13th November 2015 for the CD.

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