Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse

Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse EP


Looking at Facebook one day I came across an announcement of a new band in and amongst all of the posts about Brexit, families, pets and summer holidays. The band name was Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse and their new Facebook presence confirmed that they were going to release a self-titled EP.

Before getting stuck into the tracks I feel that a bit of background information might be important; this outfit has been formed by partners in crime Greta Valenti and Robin Davey (you may remember them from such bands as DVL, British blues group The Hoax and the punky Well Hung Heart). I remember when we had a JLTT group outing to the legendary Half Moon Putney in Putney, London to see two of the aforementioned acts and as I witnessed Valenti singing passionately with a lamp attached to her back and pointing down at her head (she even had different coloured lightbulbs!) I thought to myself “Blimey, this band really give it 110% when it comes to their live shows.”

Anyway, fast forward to 2017 present day and this same energetic duo have returned with a blues project soaked in Louisiana blues soul (you can just picture the alligators by the swamp).

Opener ‘Crazy’ is not an own composition or the Gnarls Barkley hit but rather the Patsy Cline track. The light drum backing gives it that smoky jazz club vibe whilst Davey provides the laidback electric guitar. Greta’s lead vocals are not gimmicky or trying to imitate Cline but rather breathy. I could see this being well-received by Beth Hart fans especially with the emotional delivery. A possible opening act for Hart for her 2017/8 dates…

‘Blue Bayou’ just sails along at a steady beat and although it is technically executed well from all of the musicians involved, it does feel that they played it a bit safe with the arrangement.

‘Jambalaya’ is the well-known number that always makes me think of Jools Holland’s Hootenanny which airs “live*” every New Year’s Eve (the show is actually recorded earlier in the year and then live footage is spliced in… sorry). You can just picture the Boogie Woogie king catching someone like Paloma Faith or Rebecca Ferguson off guard and getting them up to sing with the fantastic Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.

However, with this version a blend of Chuck Berry influenced guitar and Western saloon piano hits you straight away and puts a tap in your feet. This will be a live favourite for sure.

Closer ‘Don’t Let Me Die In Florida’ is musically in Well Hung Heart territory as Valenti’s voice has a sort of crackle delay as pleads with the listener “Please don’t let me die in Florida, I don’t care about my name!” It is fluid and punchy and lets people hear what they are capable of.

In conclusion, this is only the start for Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse as this four-track EP has set the dirty-swamp blues foundation perfectly and with a December 2017 UK Tour on the cards, I would not be surprised if we get to hear either another EP or debut album before the year is up. If you enjoy the music of Well Hung Heart, The Hoax, Beth Hart or Garbage then give this EP a spin.

Glenn Sargeant


Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse's debut self-titled EP is out now.

To listen to the EP and for December 2017 UK tour dates visit their official Facebook page here:

Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse