We Don’t Have To Change The World (Single)


Hopefully not a political view – as we certainly do – but a line in a romantic context. ‘We Don’t Have To Change The World’ is the Lincolnshire lass’ current single and from her last album called ‘A History of Now’, which follows on from her first collection ‘Life In Full Colour’.

The immediate impression is the song’s country-folk-pop radio friendliness. Precise handclaps are fed into the percussion tracks.The piano sounds smooth and melodic and the synth a tad sugary. Originally from Lincolnshire, this lass rebased in the US in 2010. Just after the two-minute mark the song drops to vocal only, for an immediate rebuild with chorale and insistent rhythm. An electric 12 string just behind the beat would have added a touch of freshness to this cut, I venture.

Favoured by Bob Harris, Jeremy Vine, Janice Long and the like, this crisp pop effort is tuneful enough without being earth-shattering. Callaghan’s voice has just a hint of huskiness at times but is keyed right here and is very listenable. A summery sound and pleasantly delivered.


Pete Sargeant

Callaghan’s new album ‘A History of Now’ is out now on Impact. In addition, Callaghan will be embarking on a UK Tour in March 2016 at the following venues: