Cocoa Futures

The Blue (Single)

(Lost In The Manor Records)

We are sent email submissions from artists of all different genres, styles and backgrounds on an almost daily basis at JLTT and this track definitely falls under that category. Cocoa Futures is are a four-piece from Scotland who are now based in London, United Kingdom.

Lead vocalist and bassist Greg assembled his friends Dave (drums), Zoe (keys) and Jack (guitar) to help mould and develop Cocoa Futures for the pop audience whilst also putting their own twist on things. Since their successful start in 2014, Greg sent some of his demos to producer Marc Withasee (Micachu & the Shapes) which resulted in the first draft and eventual creation of the band’s four-track EP entitled ‘Blue’.

This soon led to Futures being signed to new record label Lost In The Manor Records as well as a series of live London shows being added to the schedule. The first single to be taken from the release is the title track which is described as “sonically fitting for a track concerning the symbiotic relationship of the gleeful and the gloomy.”

It is essentially the idea that in life it is ok to be unhappy sometimes as that is what makes us who we are and sometimes sadness can actually make us better and stronger people. Of course, I am in no shape or form a psychiatrist or expert of the human mind but I do understand what Cocoa Futures are trying to explain.

Musically, the track isn’t what you would call ‘your formulaic pop song’ with its intense looped ice cream-van siren and funky bassline. For me, it sounds like Prince and Gary Numan decided to buy an ice cream van and Prince is playing ‘Alphabet Street’ whilst Numan dishes out the 99s.

I have to give it full marks for originality but I think it is a bit annoying at times because of the constant loop that just keeps going. Production wise, Withasee knows what he’s doing as do Max Taylor (mixer)and Jason Mitchell who mastered the EP. If you pardon the pun, it is a very emotionally cold song and I am really struggling to warm to it.

I respect what the band are trying to do and it is clear that they have a strong work ethic but at the moment I just can’t connect to it. Perhaps when the full EP is release I will be able understand the band’s thought process and overall sound.

Glenn Sargeant


‘The Blue’ is released by Lost In The Manor Records on Friday 16th September 2016 with ‘The Blue’ EP scheduled for Friday 2nd December 2016. For more information visit their official website here:

Photo credit: Sara Amroussi-Gilissen

(Thanks to Giedre at Lost In The Manor Records)