Dan Tyminski 

Southern Gothic

(Humphead Country/Wrasse Records)

You have likely heard this man’s voice – Dan provided the George Clooney singing parts to the tongue in cheek country comedy film ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ This new album gives a vivid sampling of his art, his composing talents and his approach to life, the world today and all its tensions.

Produced by Jesse Frasure, the collection draws upon a range of sounds and timbres. So let’s press play…

Southern Gothic lopes into earshot, a dense mix of sounds from the undergrowth at dusk, talk of bibles and weaponry. It also hypnotically catchy, the vocal is sandpapered, seasoned and well-keyed. If you dig Jason Isbell, Rodney Crowell, Leon Russell you should hear this man. This really does have extraordinary depth.

On to Breathing Fire which has a lighter patter of a beat and impassioned singing, touching on religion again. Guilt, straying, doubt..all possible by-products of the fervour of belief. But as an atheist I am well clear of such problems, having enough from other spheres. The full-blooded sound does carry the lyric well. Gone uses a soft tempo with runs of syncopation. A romantic dilemma forcefully described. I like the drawing the sensitivity of the situation, which boils down to loss. Throws quite a punch as it grows, this number. Next up is Temporary Love – ain’t it always? sighs each broken soul – on a stealthy signature, handclaps and all. And cool strings which stay in the low register to avoid sweetening the composition..I assume.

Perfect Poison mines a downhome slide guitar ambience and my that voice soars. He gets the keys right, it must be said. The price of lust illustrated with melodic aplomb. Devil Is Downtown has a deliberate tread of a setting and has maybe the best vocal here. I thought Satan was on a Florida golf course most of the time…

Hollow Hallelujah starts polyrhythmic and celebrates friendships hanging on amidst a tale of confusion. Good For Your Soul skips along with a porch vibe, very tuneful vocal and somehow puts me in mind of Lady Antebellum or even Train. Wailing Wall is a superior song, even in this programme and definitely my pick here, again an infectious chorus. Haunted Heart goes for a sombre starkness and a lyric of some urgency. Bloodline sounds like it’s emerging from a slide jam. A song about his father and already sounds like a stage favourite / single to these ears. Wanted has a purposeful impact and is another key tune on this collection. Matters come to an end with Numb which is a shadowy lament based on regret.

So…songs that stay with the listener, a rich characterful voice and a hypnotic dark ensemble sound. My only carp is that there is an absence of instrumental solo’s which would have enhanced the tunes and added a large slice of listenability. That aside, this is a durable collection, untainted by fashion or gimmicks.

Pete Sargeant




(Thanks Humphead Country/Wrasse Records)

Dan Tyminski's new studio album 'Southern Gothic' is released on Friday 27th July 2018 on Humphead Country/Wrasse Records.

You can watch the official music video for 'Southern Gothic' in this article.

For more information visit Tyminski's official website here: http://bit.ly/2zUk9mk

If you wish to catch Dan live, please be aware that he headlines the 'Nashville Meets London' Festival on the evening of Sunday 29th July 2018 at Canada Square Park, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom. The entire event is free and for more information visit the festival's official website here: http://bit.ly/2zUByeH