All I Gotta Say (Single)


A rock band out of Cambridgeshire, Hollowstar have a brand new song out as a single and available via their site.

The lyric to the song is philosophical or perhaps sanguine. Singer Joe Bonson comments “the track is that moment when you reach your end and you come to the realisation that something isn’t right for you..” Yes, I have heard the Nick Knowles album, too. Bonson feels that this would be the time to fear not and start afresh. Which is all pretty relatable for most people, I venture.

The full lineup here is Tom Collett on guitar, Phil Haines guitar, Joe Bonson bass and Jack Bonson on drums. The act has a lot of appearances lined up to help promote this new single. The dates include many festivals. Radio is taking an interest …no great surprise there.

The song starts with a churning boogie riff, then a sandpapered but clear vocal commences as a fat grinding guitar wall drops in. Stops come and go but the propulsive riffing keeps steady, drums pattering away. The song is catchy in perhaps an Alice Cooper vein, the axe double-stops singing out with a drenching of delay before a pneumatic pumping passage kicks in. Nothing is stopping that vocal though! As a three-minute guitar-fuelled air-puncher this makes the grade, probably as a set-starter before Hollowstar crash into another grinder. That drummer sounds as though he can’t wait to be out of the traps…

Pete Sargeant





Band Photo Credit: Sally Newhouse

Hollowstar's new single 'All I Gotta Say; is out now as a Download and signed CD Single. You can purchase the track here: http://bit.ly/2JwCzK6

For details of Hollowstar live performances, best head across to their official website here: http://bit.ly/2xV7gHE