Little Hurricane

Same Sun Same Moon

(Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group)

Tumbling out of San Diego on a blues-rock and beyond musical mission we have the duo called Little Hurricane. This is in fact the married couple of Anthony ‘Tone’ Catalano and drummer Celeste ‘C C’ Spina. This release is their third album. I am not a great fan of electric duo’s – Black Keys and White Stripes always sound raggedy to me and almost inevitably trying too hard. The folk or acoustic duo’s tend to have a different dynamic with less pressure to sound bigger than they are. This particular pair bonded over blues music, unusual and vintage musical gear and having some shared past musical experiences. Their initial release in 2011 Homewrecker won three San Diego Music Awards.

OK let’s run through the tracks on this record…

Same Sun Same Moon starts with a plaintive vocal that reminds me of They Might Be Giants and then a beat kicks in, with electric guitar stabs. The singing is raspy and subtle changes in emphasis make the song breathe and stagger along. Rather strange and already I’m thinking this pair may be an acquired taste. The guitar solo at the end is knowingly skewed.

Bad Business takes a bluesier, swaying path but seems undisciplined a little like free form poetry. You get it or you don’t, you dig it or you don’t. It is kind of catchy, it must be said; OTL has phased piano prodding and sounds like a warped Supertramp however the singing is less self-conscious and more relaxed. Whatever the shape this does feel like a real love song ; Isn’t It Great is set to four-chord-repeat progression, Tone’s voice is a tad whiney for me. It’s trying to be a bluesy Beck Hansen, I think. And why not?

Take It Slow gives the drums a more prominent role and the guitars are treated giving an eerie feel. The lyrics are more poetic, which does work OK. The loping tempo and female reply vocal have a certain charm ; Lake Tahoe Eyes has the amp tremelo turned up for a vaguely Hispanic ambience and the vocal seems more assured on this cut.

March Of The Living is a pacier number featured fuzz guitar and going for a Cramps instrumental vibe..just needs a monochrome B-movie to use it as a theme. Mt Senorita is solemn and measured, making use of the throaty vocal timbre. Easily the most haunting track on this album. For Life and its gentle guitar chording cries out for some strings to enhance its mood.

You Remind Me is quasi-reggae but the singing is at odds with the rhythm, it’s just muddled; Slingshot rolls along and mines a blues theme. Closing cut Moon’s Gone Cold is a folkier piece altogether, almost Woody Guthrie in its treading tempo.

Most of the label’s acts are made up of virtuoso musicians and seasoned singers so this pair don’t really fit into that pattern, they do what they do. One for the people who like Jack White and maybe Jon Spencer, I venture.

Pete Sargeant 

(Many thanks to the team at Mascot UK)


Little Hurricane's new studio album 'Same Sun Same Moon' is out now on Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group. 

In addition, Little Hurricane will tour Europe in 2017 with their only UK date taking place at The Borderline, London on Tuesday 2nd May 2017. 

Tickets are available here:

For more information visit the band's official website here:

Little Hurricane